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Our #GoBlue4ME challengers are on top of the world for ME Awareness! | 30 April 2020

The #GoBlue4ME Challenge has inspired two incredible events that meet all the requirements of the nationwide lockdown.

An irrepressible woman but the mountain will have to wait! | 29 April 2020

Sarah Freeman has not been daunted by the coronavirus. She’s simply delayed her inspiring attempt at Ben Nevis until next year.

Fundraising: Those were the days, my friend. You’d thought they’d never end… | 18 March 2020

Amanda Sladdin talks about her efforts to raise funds for M.E. research and how they proved so successful.

The MEA Marketplace: It’s where people and crafts come together! | 05 March 2020

If you would like to be part of our arts and craft revival while using the marketplace that best suits you, then please get in touch.

Lorna wows the King’s Head crowd with a play about invisible illness | 05 March 2020

The MEA is backing a play about living with invisible illness which will be put on in one of London’s leading pub theatres during ME Awareness Week.

MEA Fundraising: ME Awareness Week 2020 – Go Blue 4 ME! | 17 December 2019

Be involved with the Go Blue 4 ME campaign next year. It’s time to start thinking about what you might do for ME Awareness in 2020!

ME Association on the ‘Ed Doolan Show’, BBC West Midlands – Tuesday 1 December 2009

Representatives of the ME Association will be appearing in a radio phone-in show on BBC WM at lunchtime on Tuesday, December 1 – together with Natalie Tappy, from the Mid-Warwickshire…

ME virus discovery raises hopes

From BBC Online, 9 October 2009 US scientists say they have made a potential breakthrough in understanding what causes the condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or ME.

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