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ME Awareness: The Lost Years and Rediscovery by Kate Stanforth | 12 May 2020

“I’d like to say once I got the diagnosis, things got easier, but they didn’t. I ended up bedbound then ultimately paralysed in some of the darkest days I’ve experienced.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Wendy Coxhill | 11 May 2020

“The first big challenge was when I became wheelchair-bound 3 years ago. The next loss was when I could no longer read or watch a film.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Smita Dutta | 06 May 2020

“While writing this I am again thinking, “Why me?” I do not know when I am going to stop thinking about his question, maybe I never will.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Holly O’Brien | 02 May 2020

“I grieve for the old me, while managing the situation I am currently in, and looking into the future and questioning, will I ever be well enough?”

ME Carers Connected: Let us put you in touch with other carers | 30 April 2020

ME Carers Connected can help put carers in touch with one another for mutual support and to share experiences.

MEA Website Survey: Why are we asking about doctor-patient relations in this month’s survey?

What is your relationship like with your GP? Dr Shepherd will use the feedback we receive when talking with NICE and will also help answer questions on MEA Facebook this week.

Degrees of distance – Guest Blog by Marion Michell | 05 December 2019

When you are sick with M.E. maintaining relationships can be very hard. Marion writes about the challenges we can all face.

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