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Fundraising: When the going gets tough, the tough get going! | 25 March 2020

We hear from two champion fundraisers – one of whom is a postwoman – about how the current restrictions are affecting them.

ME Association Guidance: Coronavirus and ME/CFS by Dr Charles Shepherd | 16 March 2020

Dr Shepherd updates on the situation and explains how you can help prevent the spread of this infection and minimise exposure.

America: Patients push limits for clues to ME/CFS | 09 January 2019

Doctors at the NIH are using volunteers for a unique study that pushes their limits in search of what’s stealing all their energy.

“Get Well Soon” – Guest Blog by Louise Shepherd | 22 November 2019

Such small but powerful words – for right and wrong reasons… When there’s no chance of becoming 100% better, hearing or reading them can really drag you down to the dark places of your mind.

Fundraising Feature: Sarah is Scaling the Highest Mountain for M.E. | 01 August 2019

Sarah Bascombe will be travelling to the Lake District on Saturday to scale the highest mountain in England.

Fundraising Feature: John walked 100 kilometres for his daughter – and for M.E. | 31 July 2019

John has never tackled anything quite like it before, but was inspired to do something to show support for his daughter Elaine.

The Guardian: ME and the perils of internet activism | 29 July 2019

This latest article continues to shine an uncritical spotlight on an issue that we really don’t think stands up to scrutiny…

MEA Summary Review: The Role of Mitochondria in ME/CFS | 13 July 2019

This latest review looks at energy production, and the ongoing search for clues as to what might be causing problems in ME/CFS.

MEA Personal: Facing up to Mental Health Challenges | 11 July 2019

We’ve been talking about mental health on social media. Russell explains how he’s faced up to these challenges over the years.

Turning a Passion for Wildlife into Prints for M.E. | 08 July 2019

Jen Taylor is very kindly raising money for the ME Associaion by selling her fabulous limited edition animal prints.

Advances in Understanding the Pathophysiology of ME/CFS | 08 July 2019

When does an illness become a disease? Dr Komaroff explores what we know about the biological abnormalities in ME/CFS.

The Times – Baroness Blackwood: Why I fainted in the House of Lords | 08 July 2019

Baroness Blackwood had been misdiagnosed with ME/CFS before it was determined she had Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS).

Dr Ellen Goudsmit joins ME Association panel of advisers

The ME Association have appointed Dr Ellen Goudsmit as a consultant on psychological issues. Dr Goudsmit is a registered health psychologist with a background in medical and psychological research.

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