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The ME Association Weekly ME/CFS Research Round-up | 17 January 2020

This is a new feature that we will be doing at the end of every week as a result of your feedback. We will post a list of abstracts from research studies published on ME/CFS and will include simple summaries of those studies we feel are worth additional comment.

Research opportunity for people with ME living in Gloucestershire | 16 January 2020

Jo Hunt from the University of Derby is investigating the stigma and marginalisation of people with ME by the healthcare profession.

America: Patients push limits for clues to ME/CFS | 09 January 2019

Doctors at the NIH are using volunteers for a unique study that pushes their limits in search of what’s stealing all their energy.

The Christmas Issue of ME Essential Magazine! | 10 December 2019

An ME Essential supplement for Christmas. We share stories, plans for the festive week, recipes, gift ideas and much, much more!

ME Association October Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 06 November 2019

We’ve updated the free central Research Index and feature 16 research studies from October 2019.

MEA Summary Review: Differentiating Medical Uncertainty | 21 October 2019

We take a closer look at recent research from America that highlights concerns over inappropriate and harmful labelling and advocates for medicine to adopt a more patient-centred approach to care.

ME Association September Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 05 October 2019

We’ve updated the central Research Index and feature 12 ME/CFS research studies from September 2019.

Tribute paid to Professor Peter Behan – M.E. expert and ME Association patron | 09 September 2019

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Peter. He will be sadly missed and I will be attending his funeral on Friday 13th September in Edinburgh.

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