Tag Archives: ME Awareness Week 2020

ME Awareness: Why Chronic Fatigue is not M.E. by Joanne Hunt | 15 May 2020

“What I am suggesting is that, however people refer to M.E., however people experience it, chronic fatigue is not the same thing.”

ME Awareness: The MEA Ramsay Research Fund | 12 May 2020

We invest in biomedical research but need your support so that we can do more to determine the cause(s) of M.E. and help develop effective treatments.

ME Awareness: The Lost Years and Rediscovery by Kate Stanforth | 12 May 2020

“I’d like to say once I got the diagnosis, things got easier, but they didn’t. I ended up bedbound then ultimately paralysed in some of the darkest days I’ve experienced.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Wendy Coxhill | 11 May 2020

“The first big challenge was when I became wheelchair-bound 3 years ago. The next loss was when I could no longer read or watch a film.”

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