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ME Awareness: Coronavirus and ME by Rebecca Smith | 07 May 2020

“I have spoken to 111 several more times as my chest was worse but have been told to stay in bed for 1-2 more weeks and even minimise talking if necessary.”

ME Association Weekly Update: Coronavirus and ME/CFS – New Leaflet and Letter | 17 April 2020

We provide a weekly update on Covid-19 in a new free leaflet and a letter about vulnerability to be used when required.

ME Association Guidance: Coronavirus and ME/CFS by Dr Charles Shepherd | 16 March 2020

Dr Shepherd updates on the situation and explains how you can help prevent the spread of this infection and minimise exposure.

Coronavirus infection and ME/CFS | 11 February 2020

Dr Shepherd provides some key information on both the virus and the prevention of infection.

MEA Personal: Facing up to Mental Health Challenges | 11 July 2019

We’ve been talking about mental health on social media. Russell explains how he’s faced up to these challenges over the years.

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