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ME Awareness: The Lost Years and Rediscovery by Kate Stanforth | 12 May 2020

“I’d like to say once I got the diagnosis, things got easier, but they didn’t. I ended up bedbound then ultimately paralysed in some of the darkest days I’ve experienced.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Stephen Powell | 09 May 2020

“Positives are there but, in the depths of this dreadful disorder, sometimes they are very hard to see.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Smita Dutta | 06 May 2020

“While writing this I am again thinking, “Why me?” I do not know when I am going to stop thinking about his question, maybe I never will.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Holly O’Brien | 02 May 2020

“I grieve for the old me, while managing the situation I am currently in, and looking into the future and questioning, will I ever be well enough?”

Tips for coping with Severe M.E. by Laura Brockway | 06 August 2019

This year marks 10 years of M.E for me. With 6 1/2 of those being severe, I wanted to write a little something that might help others cope.

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