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Downloadable information on managing ME/CFS written by Dr Charles Shepherd, hon medical adviser to the ME Association, Dr Richard Cantillon, hon dental adviser, Sue Luscombe, hon diet and nutrition adviser, and Dr Darrel Ho-Yen. All prices include VAT at 20%.

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Premenstrual syndrome, female hormones and ME/CFS

PMS – otherwise known as PMT or premenstrual disorder – can play havoc with a woman’s monthly cycle and make life a misery. What can women do to make themselves more...

What is Fibromyalgia?

How close to ME/CFS is Fibromyalgia, and how far? We discuss.

Rituximab – could it be a treatment for MECFS?

We discuss whether this anti-lymphoma drug has a role in treating ME/CFS.

ME/CFS – it really is a neurological disease

Dr Charles Shepherd weighs up the evidence

Lyme disease: let’s dispel the myths

In this 2011 leaflet, Dr Darrel Ho-Yen demolishes some myths about Lyme disease and M.E.

How to deal with your doctor

How to build & keep a good relationship with your doctor,

Thyroid disease and ME/CFS

Get your thyroid checked before seeking a diagnosis of ME/CFS. We explain why.

Orthostatic intolerance in ME/CFS

Many doctors would regard this as a key diagnostic feature of ME/CFS.

Vitamin B12 – could it be a safe and effective form of treatment?

We receive lots of feedback about the use of Vitamin B12 in ME/CFS.

Disability Rating Scale

For charting personal progress and helping with disability assessments.

Importance of early and accurate diagnosis

Early and accurate diagnosis may well put you on the road to recovery.

Duloxetine (Cymbalta) – its use for pain relief

Research shows this drug could be useful for pain relief.

Menopause, female hormones and HRT

Some of the symptoms of the menopause are the same or similar to those found in ME/CFS

Headaches and ME/CFS

Headaches form part of the symptom list for ME/CFS.

Severe ME – helping you cope with it

Find out more about the severe forms of ME. This leaflet is NOT available as a digital download - order here and we'll post it to you.

Cold hands and feet

Cold hands and feet/toes are a fairly common symptom of ME/CFS

What causes ME/CFS?

The cause of ME/CFS is subject to uncertainty and debate and is why doctors differ on how the condition should be managed

Lyrica/Pregabalin for pain relief in M.E.

Using Lyrica/pregabalin for pain relief in ME/CFS

Relief for your symptoms

Symptoms of ME/CFS with guidance on alleviation

Energy management + ME Connect leaflet on Pacing

Finding a balance between activity and rest

Vitamins and vitamin supplements

Vitamins and vitamin supplements

Coping with pain

Coping with pain involving both drug and non-drug approaches

Blood tests explained

What blood tests can reveal

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is known as the 'sunshine vitamin'

Vaccinations and pre-travel health planning

Pros and cons associated with vaccinations

Ten key aspects of management

Useful advice across the board

Stress and how to handle it

Advice about coping strategies for stress

Specialist referrals

How to find an NHS specialist in ME/CFS

Sorting out sleep disturbance + restless legs

Guidance through the differences in sleep patterns that affect people.

Relapses, exacerbations and flare ups

Differences between these three different stages of the illness

Pregnancy, childbirth and ME/CFS

Effects of pregnancy and childbirth on ME/CFS and coping afterwards

Permanent Health Insurance Policies

Ins and outs of buying permanent health insurance or income protection insurance

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS)

Problems relating to standing up or trying to remain standing

Muscle energy supplements

Scientific evidence for the use of over-the-counter supplements

Going into hospital

For people with ME/CFS who are going into hospital

Stomach and irritable bowel symptoms

Cause, symptoms and management of IBS

Gabapentin – an option for moderate to severe pain

Why Gabapentin might be used to treat pain

Flu vaccinations (updated for 2018-19)

Discussion about the latest flu vaccine – free download.

Nature of fatigue in ME/CFS

Describes the unique type of fatigue experienced by people with ME/CFS

Essential fatty acids and EPA

What they are and why they might be beneficial for people with ME/CFS

Employment issues and ME/CFS

Information about stopping work or reducing hours, employment rights and benefits.

Depression and antidepressants

When antidepressants might be appropriate in ME/CFS

Dental care – your questions answered

Questions about dental care answered by a dental surgeon

Cognitive dysfunction

Practical coping strategies and whether drugs and supplements may help

Cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ME/CFS

Support and guidance during cancer treatments

Anaesthetics and ME/CFS

Concerns about invasive medical procedures

Amitriptyline explained

Amitriptyline and its use for patients with ME/CFS

Alternative and complementary approaches to management

Popular alternative treatments for ME/CFS

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