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ME Connect is our flagship service offering support and information to anyone affected by ME/CFS. It is available every day of the year and has managed more than 35,000 calls since its inception in 2003.

It provides support for people with M.E. and those who live with or care for them by offering a safe and understanding environment where worries and concerns can be shared. This direct link with people affected by the condition means that we have been able to develop a series of leaflets specifically dealing with the concerns expressed.


These are DOWNLOADS only. You will need a PRINTER  if you want a hard copy.

If you do not have a printer then you need to call our  Office on 01280 818964 Monday to Friday between 09.30 and 15.00 and pay using a debit or credit card or download our 8-page order form and post to our head office address.


You can purchase these by completing the online order form and they will be sent to you by post.


After you have paid for an item online, you will receive an email from PayPal confirming payment, followed by an email from the ME Association with your download Instructions.

If you cannot find this email please check your Spam or Junk folders.

Open the email and below your order details you will see ‘Download details’ with a link and a code.

Click the link and when prompted add the code.  The code is case sensitive and must be typed as shown.

All leaflets are in PDF format.  To read them you will need Adobe PDF Reader.

A free download of this program is available by clicking on the following link:


The online shop uses PayPal. You can pay by debit or credit card.  But you do not need a PayPal account to order from the online shop.


If you do have a PayPal account  ENSURE the  email address you use for this order is the same as your PayPal  email address.  Otherwise the item  may not reach you.

For all website shop inquiries – including complaints about missing downloads – please email Tony Britton

You can volunteer!

Volunteer with the UK's premier ME/CFS helpline

Just diagnosed? We are here to help

This leaflet guides you gently through your M.E. and how to cope.

Barriers to good management of M.E.

Good management of ME can help people along the road to recovery

Caring for a person with ME

ME is tough on sufferers and carers. There is help if you know where to look.

Counselling – your questions answered

Help for those of who are considering counselling

Managing your emotions in ME

This leaflet aims to help people cope with the emotional impact of having ME/CFS.

Anxiety and Panic attacks – questions answered

Help when you are anxious or having a panic attack - leaflet on free offer

Explaining ME/CFS to other people

This leaflet will help you begin by telling people how your illness started and how you feel.

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