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Welcome to The ME Show with Gary Burgess

This new podcast series, with support from the ME Association, looks at all things M.E. – from people living with the disease, to those caring for them, to clinicians, researchers, and others who are working to raise awareness and understanding.

The ME Show will include interviews with patients, carers and advocates as well as clinicians, scientists and notable guests. The first episode will be broadcast on Monday, 7th May – the start of ME Awareness Week 2018.

Gary Burgess has become a well-known advocate in the M.E. community, with his interview for the Jersey Evening Post, and then an appearance on ITV where he worked as a reporter; before he was diagnosed with M.E.

He also appeared as guest-editor on Radio 5 Live which featured an hour-long phone-in, raising awareness of the issues people with this disease regularly must face. Gary also produces The Zonked Club, his own series of blogs and articles.

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Episode 1 Show Notes

In this episode Gary speaks to Jennifer Brea, the filmmaker and campaigner, arguably best known for her powerful documentary ‘Unrest’ which charts her own M.E. journey.

He also hears from Robert Saunders, who was diagnosed with M.E. 26 years ago. Robert’s just reworked a Bob Dylan classic with the help of others with M.E. from around the world.

More information:

  1. ME Awareness Week Events Guide
  2. Millions Missing Schedule
  3. Jennifer Brea’s website
  4. Robert Saunders’ Blowin’ In The Wind video

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Episode 2 Show Notes

In this episode, Gary Burgess speaks to the ME Association’s medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd about his own experience of M.E., how that diagnosis changed the direction of his medical career, as well as a look at the current situation when it comes to medical research.
  1. BBC Newsbeat ‘M.E. and me’ documentary
  2. ME Association website shop
  3. Millions Missing events
  4. The ME/CFS Biobank
  5. Carol Monaghan MP’s Westminister debate

You can follow Gary Burgess on Twitter and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow to share your feedback and messages.

Episode 3 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Carol Monaghan, the Member of Parliament who led the Westminster Hall debate about the discredited PACE trial. She speaks about her campaign to raise awareness and understanding of M.E. Gary also reviews some of the coverage of the Millions Missing events.

  1. Millions Missing coverage
  2. Carol Monaghan MP’s website
  3. How to lobby your MP about the Early Day motion

You can follow Gary on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow with your messages.

Episode 4 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Jane Colby from Tymes Trust, the only charity dedicated to children with M.E. Jane explains the work they do to support the estimated 25,000 children in the UK with the illness, as well as some of the traumas both children and their parents face when trying to find the right support both medically and educationally.

  1. Tymes Trust website,
  2. Tymes Trust helpline: 0845 003 9002.

You can follow Gary on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and include the hashtag #TheMEShow to share your feedback.

Episode 5 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Michelle and Nigel Henshaw about their Music 4 ME project – an album of music and poetry from people with M.E. They’ve created the album to raise funds to pay for a book about M.E., written by Dr Hng, can be distributed to every GP surgery in the UK, and hopefully further afield, to increase awareness and understanding of the illness.

  1. The Music 4 ME website,
  2. Dr Hng’s Friends Facebook page,
  3. Buy the Music 4 ME album,
  4. A Not Just Tired blog interview with Michelle and Nigel.

Follow Gary on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow

Episode 6 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Trish Davis who has severe M.E. She was first diagnosed and experienced mild M.E. 28 years ago, but things got progressively worse more than a decade back.

Her daughter Hannah also has severe M.E. Trish talks about what day to day life is like and the things she’s learned about managing her symptoms, in the hope of helping others.

More information:

  1. The Science 4 ME forum:
  2. Fitbit:

Follow Gary Burgess on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and use the hashtag #TheMEShow

Episode 7 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Emma Donohoe who was diagnosed with M.E. at the age of 19. She recently presented a documentary for BBC Newsbeat called ‘ME and me’, which told the story of her own experience, as well as those of a number of others. She also met the family of Merryn Croft who died of ME.

More information:

  1. ME and me documentary:
  2. Emma Donohoe on Twitter: @EmmaDonohoe3

You can follow Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow

Episode 8 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Greg Crowhurst, a full time carer to his wife Linda who has severe M.E. Greg talks candidly about the realities of being a carer, and of Linda’s symptoms.

He also shares some of the coping mechanisms they’ve developed over the years, and about a book he’s written to support others in a similar situation.

More information:

  1. Greg Crowhurst’s website: Stonebird
  2. Last week’s parliamentary debate about M.E.

Follow Gary Burgess on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and use the hashtag #TheMEShow

Episode 9 Show Notes

Gary Burgess speaks to Chantelle Parry who set up an M.E. friendship group in Gloucestershire, as well as to Rachel Ephgrave who is one of more than 100 members of the group. Chantelle explains how she was inspired to bring together others near her with M.E. after watching a community screening of the documentary Unrest.

More information:

  1. Chantelle’s friendship group
  2. Millions Missing Gloucestershire
  3. Greg Crowhurst’s book for carers of people with M.E.

Follow Gary Burgess on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and use the hashtag #TheMEShow when getting in touch.

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Episode 10 Show Notes

Gary Burgess concludes this first series of The ME Show with highlights from the recent Westminster debate about ME.

It was called for by the MP Carol Monaghan, who appeared on The ME Show earlier in the series. Dozens of MPs attended the three-hour-long session. This episode features highlights from most of those who spoke during the debate.

More information:

  1. Watch or listen to the full Westminster debate
  2. Find out more about Carol Monaghan MP

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