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Welcome to The ME Association, also registered as The ME Society.

We provide information, support and practical advice for people, families and carers affected by M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS). We also fund and support research, and offer education and training.

We are the oldest established ME/CFS charity funding only biomedical research into the illness.

About ME/CFS

AboutLearn about all aspects of ME/CFS, written specifically for those affected, including families and carers.

“For the past four months, I have been thinking I was going mad!
Thank god for your website!”

Information and support

InformationWe have over 90 leaflets and booklets covering all aspects of management. So please check if one of these will answer your query. A full list of MEA literature can be downloaded using the link to our 8-page Order Form at the foot of the page.

Our ME Connect telephone helpline is open every day 10am-12 noon, 2pm-4pm and 7pm-9pm. Call 0844 576 5326 for information and support. We provide an email helpline to give out information. Emails will be responded to as soon as possible.

Click HERE for the ME Connect page.

“ME Connect gave me information, reassurance and the tools to cope”

How you can help us?

HelpThere are so many ways you can help us; become a member; renew your membership now; make a donation; remember Gift Aid if you are a tax payer; raise funds; leave a gift in your will or codicil; persuade shops and services to give us commission on online shopping; buy MEA goods; even doing the Weather Lottery, it all helps us to keep on helping people with ME/CFS.

“A gift from you today will mean that someone else can gain the information and support I found so valuable”


ResearchWe are heavily involved through our Ramsay Research Fund in funding physical research into ME/CFS.

“When am I going to get better?
We desperately need research to find a cure”

Educating and campaigning

We represent people with ME/CFS by attending Parliamentary Meetings where we inform MPs and question Government Ministers and their advisers. We work with Health Authorities and medical professionals – leading specialists, GPs and nurses – informing them and learning from them about the illness and question what is being done to provide assistance to patients.

“The most ignorant thing I ever heard was when a man said about my ME/CFS, “I know your illness – it’s called the ‘Too lazy to get out of bed in the morning syndrome’. Nothing that getting a grip on yourself won’t cure”.

Twitter and Facebook for you

Everyone can follow us on Twitter and view our Facebook page. Please come along and see and join in our conversations and discussions.

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