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ME Connect Here to listen. Here to help.

ME Connect is our flagship helpline service offering support and information to anyone affected by M.E. 

You can reach us every day of the year and we’ve managed more than 35,000 calls since we began in 2003.

You can also contact us via email if you would prefer – or are better able – to write than speak.*

When emailing, please limit your question to 1,250 characters, about 250 words. We regret that Dr Shepherd cannot enter into personal correspondence on medical queries.

We deal with each person individually, in a sensitive and professional manner.

Every communication is kept completely confidential. ME Connect is staffed by a fully trained, and supervised, team of volunteers – most of whom have personal experience of M.E.

If you need help, and someone who will listen and understand, then please call us on 0844 576 5326**


If you cannot get through immediately, THEN HANG UP AND TRY AGAIN LATER! Don’t run up the cost of the call by holding on for more than a few rings.


The ME Connect telephone helpline is available every day, during the hours of 10am-12noon, 2pm-4pm and 7pm-9pm.


Or you can contact us by email at any time, and we will respond as soon as practicable.

Please note:
*We are a small medical charity and we do not have the capacity to answer long or complex questions relating to medical management, DWP benefit disputes and legal problems. The ME Connect email service provides information and support and, where appropriate, signposting to further sources of help or information.

**All communications are treated in the strictest of confidence. Phone charges to 0844 numbers are determined by your telephone provider. Please check your contract for charging details. The service charge is 7p a minute – from which the ME Association receives 3p – plus your provider’s access charge. Calls from mobiles and other devices can be considerably more expensive than from a landline.

Just one of the many images from our 2018 Real M.E. campaign.

Before you get in touch:

  • If you have a query about symptoms or diagnosis of M.E. then please review the extensive information we have placed in the website section: What is ME?
  • What is ME? also explains the various approaches to management for example, and provides links to all the relevant leaflets that can be ordered or downloaded from our online shop.
  • We have also now published a Factsheet about M.E. that is available as a free download and can be helpful when explaining M.E. to others.

We are here to listen

“You might get someone saying: ‘I’ve rung up, but I’m not sure what I want to say,” explains Hilary Briars, Manager of ME Connect.

“You might get tears. Or you might get a question. When we answer the ‘phone, we never know.”

Sometimes the caller needs someone to talk to, a listening ear. After all, as well as the physical illness, M.E. brings a bulging suitcase of unwelcome emotional baggage; isolation; guilt; anger; frustration – feelings which are hard to express.

“It’s an illness that’s not always easy for other people to understand,” says Hilary, “even those closest to them. A person with ME can feel cut off from the rest of the world, as if they’re standing still in time.”

“To be listened to by someone is quite a gift that we can give. When you feel isolated, misunderstood, it’s a relief to be able to talk about those feelings and know that the person on the other end won’t judge.”

Other times, it’s practical support.

We can signpost to information sources

“We get a massive range of questions – from employment rights to relationships and money. We can signpost people to the right information, such as the leaflets produced by the ME Association, or to people who can help them. We even have our own dentistry expert. So we can help with most things.”

“What we would never, ever, ever use is the word ‘advice’. Advice is very different. We’re here to listen, to signpost callers in the direction of information that they need. But we’re not here to tell them what to do.”

The line started as the Listening Ear service. It was revamped in the early nineties, when Hilary, who herself has ME, took over as manager. It is now open every day of the year, and is staffed by a fully-trained team of volunteers.

“Calls last,” says Hilary, “as long as they last. “Sometimes it’s a quick five minutes. Other times, it’s an hour. It’s down to the caller and what they need.”

“And there is also an ME Connect email, for those who find that an easier way of contacting us. These emails go through to the ME Association head office, so I would say that it’s best used for factual enquiries,” she explains.

Here to help people with M.E., family members and carers

“When people call us for the first time, they may be nervous, or not sure of what we can offer.

“We try to put them at their ease, and tell them to take their time.

“Most of our calls are from people who have ME, but we’re also here to help family or carers.”

“Our confidentiality is crucial. I’m always a little bit surprised that callers do sometimes say to us: ‘is our conversation completely confidential?’

“When they know that it is, they know that they can open up and tell us anything.”

“To anyone who hasn’t called us before, and who’s maybe nervous about picking up the phone, I would always say: ‘talk to us – we’re here to help.”

The ME Association

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