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Help and Support

How you choose to help the ME Association is entirely up to you, and we are incredibly grateful for any support you can provide. But, you won’t be doing this on your own. Helen, our fundraising manager, is here to provide help and support – every step of the way.

We’re a relatively small charity, but because we’re small, we pride ourselves on the care and personal attention that we try to give to everyone who decides they want to raise funds for us.

Helen has been part of a family closely affected by M.E. for many years. She’s as passionate as you are about raising funds so that more can be done to help relieve suffering, ignorance, and neglect.

She will help you with the usual fundraising supplies, T shirts, sponsorship forms and will offer moral support and counsel.

Helen has helped literally hundreds of people get their fundraising events off the ground – so if you’re at all unsure of what to do, or how best to do it, she’s the first person you should turn to.

She might be passionate about getting the most out of fundraising, but she also knows the cost to health when a challenge proves too much.

We want you to have fun, and raise funds for us, but we want you to do it safely.

You can contact Helen via email, or phone (01280 838964).

Thank you.

Fundraising Supplies

Download, complete, and return the Fundraising Supplies form opposite, and Helen will arrange for you to receive the things you might need for your planned event or occasion.


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