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Fundraising: Meet Hester Sue, Harriett and Daphne… | 15 February 2019

The ME Marketplace is proud to host more of Hatty Rickards’s work. She’s hoping to sell her latest creations in aid of the ME Association.

Fundraising: Jonathan seeks help as he can’t do it all himself! | 9 February 2019

Former police officer Jonathan Davis now asks for your support for The ME Association

ME Association January Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 02 February 2019

We’ve updated our central Research Index and feature 14 research studies from January 2019.

MEA Summary Review: Metabolites from ME/CFS implicate ‘Redox’ imbalance | 02 February 2019

Evidence could support the involvement of oxidative stress, inflammation and hypoxia in ME/CFS.

MEA Website Survey: Why we’re asking about counselling and ME/CFS | 01 February 2019

We know from anecdotal reports that some people with ME/CFS find counselling helpful, while others do not.

More should be done to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, says MP | 31 January 2019

“We need to… make sure that sufferers and their families receive the correct advice.” Liz McInnes, MP.

Fundraising: A welcome return to Lee Stammers and his ‘FeBLUEary’ campaign | 31 January 2019

Lee will be sharing photos and excerpts from his 20-year struggle with M.E.

MEA Summary Review: US study of onset patterns and course of illness in ME/CFS | 29 January 2019

Epidemiology studies are few and far between in the field of ME/CFS.

Fundraising Feature: 14-year-old Tayla has a close-shave for M.E. | 28 January 2019

What a transformation! Tayla Jones, aged just 14 years, is our very first fundraiser of the year.

Scottish Health Secretary pledges more support for people with ME | 25 January 2019

Ms Freeman said: “To people living with ME – I believe you.”

Christians with ME celebrate debate on condition reaching parliament | 25 January 2019

“It’s just cruel – graded exercise therapy is like prescribing sugar for diabetics.”

Schoolboy, 14, struck down by ME during a football match | 25 January 2019

“We were told he was just being a typical lazy teenager who didn’t want to get out of bed.”

Parliamentary Debate: Kids being taken into care by medics who refuse to believe ME is real | 25 January 2019

“This is a national disgrace and needs urgent action.” Carol Monaghan, MP.

Invite your MP to attend the House of Commons debate on M.E. | 18 January 2019

Thursday 24th January will see an important debate on M.E. in Parliament led by Carol Monaghan, MP.

MEA Summary Review: Study suggests brain inflammation in ME/CFS | 15 January 2019

The latest study from Jarred Younger reports on brain temperature and neuroinflammation in ME/CFS.

NICE ME/CFS Guideline Review: CBT and GET Patient Survey | 11 January 2019

This Forward ME survey on CBT and GET has a deadline of 31st January 2019.

Tribute paid to M.E. advocate Barbara Turnbull who died recently | 10 January 2019

Barbara was a well-known and much appreciated M.E. advocate in North Wales.

ME Association December Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 08 January 2019

  ME Association Index of Published ME/CFS Research The Index of Published ME/CFS Research has now been updated to take account of the research that has been published during the month of…

Fundraising: How to run 1,000 miles for M.E. The Virtual Runner Challenge | 22 December 2018

David shares tips on how to enjoy running 1,000 miles while raising funds for people with M.E.

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