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Coronavirus infection and ME/CFS | 11 February 2020

Dr Shepherd provides some key information on both the virus and the prevention of infection.

Debut Survival Guide from York ME sufferer, Pippa Stacey | 05 February 2020

Pippa Stacey has released her non-fiction book titled ‘University and Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide’.

MEA Website Survey: Why are we asking about doctor-patient relations in this month’s survey?

What is your relationship like with your GP? Dr Shepherd will use the feedback we receive when talking with NICE and will also help answer questions on MEA Facebook this week.

Woman in wheelchair stripped of disability benefits because she can walk four steps in assessment | 03 February 2020

Severely disabled woman told moving from mobility chair to sofa suggested she could walk 200 metres unaided.

Buy a Box of Stationery Treats by our Graphic Design Star | 28 January 2020

Jenny McGibbon has given a compassionate disability twist to the latest Papergang box of stationery treats.

The ME Association End of Week Research Round-up | 24 January 2020

A regular weekly summary of all the latest ME/CFS research. This week: quality of life, prevalence in young people, and cortisol.

America: Study finds many youth living with undiagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome | 24 January 2020

“We’re trying to help people who have this illness have information that could be used to argue for more resources for diagnosis and treatment,” Prof Leonard Jason.

The ME Association End of Week Research Round-up | 17 January 2020

This is a new feature that we will be doing at the end of every week as a result of your feedback.

Making a splash at the Roman baths | 13 January 2020

“I saw things in her that I couldn’t see in myself,” Lucy says. “She is an incredibly supportive person even though she struggles every day.”

Battle for specialist care by Ramsgate 24-year-old bedbound for 18 months | 10 January 2020

Conor Hope has been bedbound for the past 18 months with ME/CFS and is desperate for specialist support from the NHS.

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