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The Sun: Devastating Disease – Family of girl killed by ME reveal how they were told by doctors it was all in her head, before it robbed her of everything | 09 May 2018

Due to the stigma of the condition Merryn was “embarrassed” about having ME, and was reluctant to tell people that was what was wrong with her.

ME Awareness Week: BBC Newsbeat – Chronic fatigue: I was ‘held hostage by ME’ | 08 May 2018

I had just finished my GCSEs when I got ill. I noticed I was getting worn out uncharacteristically quickly.

ME Awareness Week: BBC Newsbeat – Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment ‘should be withdrawn’ | 08 May 2018

Dr Shepherd says the problem with GET is that it’s too rigid and pushes patients too far.

ME Awareness Week: Showing the true face of M.E. – The Real M.E. Campaign | 08 May 2018

People with M.E. are demonstrating they possess the confidence to be seen and help raise awareness of M.E.

ME Association April Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 07 May 2018

This month-end summary reveals abstracts from ME/CFS research published in April 2018.

ME Awareness Week: Focus on Employment: Employees with M.E. can still offer a great deal by Joy Devlin | 07 May 2018

“In the workplace, most managers genuinely want to help. But, due to lack of information and guidance about M.E. they can make mistakes.”

Ready, Steady, Go! Jane starts the blue madness of ME Awareness Week | 07 May 2018

“I have done this in aid of the ME Association who do a vital job raising awareness of M.E. and supporting those with the condition.”

ME Awareness Week: Workwell Foundation – Graded exercise for ME/CFS is ‘detrimental to the health of patients and should not be recommended’ | 07 May 2018

“Graded exercise therapy mistakenly assumes that ME/CFS fatigue and disability result from inactivity and deconditioning.”

ME Awareness Week: ‘Missing behind closed curtains for 12 years’ – Woman describes living with M.E. | 07 May 2018

“I was still mobile at the beginning but my health continued to deteriorate due to a lack of treatment and support,” Jo Moss.

ME Awareness Week: Please take our survey on education and M.E. and consider sharing your story | 04 May 2018

Our focus on employment and education issues continues today with a new survey on education.

ME Awareness Week: BBC Newsbeat Documentary – M.E. And Me | 04 May 2018

This BBC Newsbeat documentary will be available on iPlayer from 6.00am on Tuesday, 8th May.

ME Awareness Week: University, Work, Accessibility and M.E. from Pippa Stacey | 03 May 2018

Pippa says that people simply don’t understand about living with a disability like M.E.

The Irish News: Hope for ME: Co Down woman’s campaign for the thousands living with chronic fatigue syndrome | 02 May 2018

Joan McParland found herself bed bound due to the debilitating, energy sapping condition ME, but she is now helping others with the illness to campaign for an improvement in services.

Fundraising Feature: Beautifying Wheelchairs for M.E. | 01 May 2018

Ellie has generously offered to make a donation to ME Association for each design she sells.

‘Blowin’ in the wind’ a song for M.E. by Robert Saunders | 30 April 2018

This is my arrangement of Blowin’ in the Wind with alternative lyrics, performed by M.E. patients and their carers from around the world.

ME Awareness Week Focus on Employment and Education – Free leaflets for you to download! | 30 April 2018

We have made several leaflets available as free downloads to support efforts to raise awareness of employment and education issues.

ReMEmber Annual Conference with Dr Charles Shepherd and Dr Amolak Bansal is open to the general public | 27 April 2018

The Conference will take place in Burgess Hill on Saturday 12th May starting at 2.00pm.

ME Awareness Week: ‘People with M.E are the strongest, bravest, most dedicated, empathetic, generous and hard-working people in the world!’ | 23 April 2018

Lee knows what it is like trying to study and to work with M.E. And this is what the ME Association will be focusing on in ME Awareness Week.

Public consultation on PIP results in DWP pledge to record all assessments | 23 April 2018

“Labour will replace this failing system with personalised, holistic support, responsive to individual needs.” Margaret Greenwood MP.

The ME Association and Gary Burgess are pleased to announce the launch of The ME Show | 23 April 2018

The ME Show will go live at the very start of ME Awareness Week, on Monday 7th May, but a teaser episode is now available. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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