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Tribute paid to Professor Peter Behan – M.E. expert and ME Association patron | 09 September 2019

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Peter. He will be sadly missed and I will be attending his funeral on Friday 13th September in Edinburgh.

Situations Vacant: We want to recruit a fundraiser | 06 September 2019

We are looking to recruit someone to lead our charity fundraising efforts and public campaigns.

How to Survive University with M.E. – The First Term by Emily Bailey | 05 September 2019

Emily takes us through her survival techniques and offers help and advice on how to survive at university with M.E.

UK Government: People with hidden disabilities can now apply for a Blue Badge | 05 September 2019

Changes to Blue Badge parking criteria have come into effect making it easier for people with non-visible disabilities to get one.

MEA Website Survey: Support for M.E. in Education | 04 September 2019

This month we’d like to hear from anyone who has experience of M.E. and education. What kind of support did you receive?

ME Association August Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 03 September 2019

We’ve updated the central Research Index and feature 16 ME/CFS research studies from August 2019.

NICE Guideline Review: Call for Evidence | 02 September 2019

NICE is asking stakeholders for evidence to support the ongoing review. The deadline is 4th October by 5pm.

Canada invests $1.4M in biomedical research to improve the quality of life of people living with M.E. | 23 August 2019

It is estimated that more than 580,000 Canadians live with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), formerly known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Very Severe ME: It’s Time for Something New! By Greg Crowhurst | 16 August 2019

I have cared day and night for my wife who has lain in unspeakable torment, torture and agony, for twenty-six years.

Top 7 Tips for Claiming Disability Benefits with M.E. by Ann Innes | 14 August 2019

The MEA’s Welfare Rights Adviser provides her top-tips for people with M.E. when applying or renewing ESA and PIP.

Severe ME Day: Caring for someone with Severe M.E. by Sarah Boothby | 08 August 2019

Anonymity is a cover for the disappointment that is only overwhelmed by the relentless exhaustion of M.E.

Severe ME Day: Life in a Nursing Home, Light Sensitivity and Very Severe M.E. by Eira Stuart | 08 August 2019

The nursing home was accommodating at first. However, they didn’t have any experience caring for M.E patients and I don’t think they fully realised the extent of the situation.

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