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Carol Monaghan, MP, Parliamentary Questions on ME/CFS and Biomedical Research Funding | 23 May 2018

The Minister of State for Health and Social Care responds to biomedical research question.

NICE ME/CFS Clinical Guideline: Draft Scoping Report Published Ahead of Stakeholder Meeting on Friday | 21 May 2018

The draft scoping report sets out the parameters by which NICE will create the content for the new guideline.

Inquest Ruling: Young drama student Merryn Crofts killed by M.E. | 18 May 2018

Pathologist Daniel DuPlessis pointed out that Merryn had inflammation of the ganglia – gatekeepers to sensations in the brain.

A Record-breaking ME Awareness Week 2018. Thank You Everyone! | 18 May 2018

A round-up of ME Awareness Week 2018. A special week that has broken all previous records.

ME/CFS Biobank: Free samples and data available to selected researchers! | 18 May 2018

We would particularly welcome applications from young researchers, researchers entering the field of ME/CFS, and researchers from localities where ME/CFS is under-recognised and/or research is particularly scarce.

Rochdale Online: Merryn Crofts Missing Millions Manchester | 17 May 2018

Merryn’s family attended Millions Missing Manchester, placing a pair of her pink Doc Martens outside the Town Hall.

ME Awareness Week: Thornbury mother and daughter team hold ME awareness event | 16 May 2018

Liz and Helen Wood have campaigned for the awareness event for a number of years, after Helen was diagnosed with the condition in 2005.

ME Awareness Week: ‘Please stop a while and think what it would be like…’ by Mary Corbett |15 May 2018

Last week Mary took the decision to share the other side of M.E. It’s a side that we all recognise, but we don’t always talk about.

ME Association Ramsay Research Fund invests in new study with ME/CFS Biobank to examine dysfunctional immune system and energy metabolism | 15 May 2018

New research that will examine both immune system dysfunction in M.E. and defects in the way that energy is being produced at a cellular level.

‘ME Awareness Week’ New Motion from Gail Ross, MSP, in the Scottish Parliament | 14 May 2018

If sufficient numbers of MSPs can be encouraged to sign the Motion then it could be used to bolster support for a full debate in Westminster.

ME Awareness Day: BBC Newsbeat – Millions Missing London Protest | 14 May 2018

“The way I describe it is I’m actually grieving the loss of my sister because she’s not around anymore.”

Stephen Kerr MP launches M.E.-friendly GP initiative in Stirling with help from the ME Association | 12 May 2018

“The ME Association are doing fantastic work in helping those coping with ME. I am happy to support them in any way I can.”

36 Subway branches lend their support to ME Awareness Week! | 11 May 2018

“Our staff are brilliant – we really can’t thank them enough!” Joy Patel.

ME Awareness Week: Miss Teen Continental UK Finalist is a Model Fundraiser for M.E. | 11 May 2018

Keri Johnstone spent her Bank Holiday Monday doing a Charity walk in aid of the ME Association ‘Go Blue for M.E.’ campaign.

ME Awareness Week: University, Work, and M.E. by Ev Francis | 10 May 2018

“I believe that the working world is still very unaware of the symptoms caused by M.E.”

ME Awareness Week: An island trek – Antje Rook is fundraising on behalf of her inspirational friend | 10 May 2018

Raising funds for M.E. research “Because I want my friend to be able to have a normal life again.”

Southern Daily Echo: ‘I count my blessings’ – Meet the woman who high-fived her daughter after being diagnosed with ME | 10 May 2018

“The worst comment I get is “I get tired too, its our age”. If you don’t have M.E., you honestly don’t know the meaning of the word.”

Star & Crescent: M.E. Awareness Week: A Battle for Recognition in Healthcare | 10 May 2018

ME Association supporter, Sally Callow, has been writing a six-part series for her local newspaper, helping to raise awareness of M.E.

The Mirror: ‘Party animal’ young mum left unable to cook, clean or wash by disease some doctors don’t believe is real | 09 May 2018

“I was an adrenaline junkie who had done three skydives – now I can’t work, spend weeks in bed and am unable to do anything,”

‘ME Awareness Week 2018’ New Early Day Motion Launched by Carol Monaghan MP | 09 May 2018

It is hoped that the more signatures this new EDM attracts, the greater the chance of an actual debate in parliament.

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