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The complete Ministerial response from the Parliamentary debate on M.E. treatment and research in Westminster Hall | 22 June 2018

A full transcript of the Ministerial response to the three-hour landmark debate on M.E. in Parliament.

Fundraising Feature: Sarah’s Big Shave for M.E. | 20 June 2018

Sarah Summers is taking on an extreme challenge – a head shave – to raise awareness and funds for M.E.

Rochdale News: For years dismissed as ‘laziness’, but now cruel disease is finally getting attention it deserves | 20 June 2018

A devastating disease is to be discussed in a landmark three-hour parliamentary debate.

The ME Association to fund six student bursaries for 2018 CMRC research conference | 19 June 2018

The ME Association is especially keen to help medical students develop or extend their interest in M.E.

The House: Carol Monaghan: We must change perceptions of the debilitating illness M.E. | 19 June 2018

Carol Monaghan, MP, is leading the debate on M.E. in Westminster Hall on Thursday, 21st June, 2018.

Let’s Talk Social Care Services: For people with M.E. and those who take care of them | 15 June 2018

We explain what is meant by social care and the various benefits that are available to you.

The 2018 Invest in ME Research Conference Report – Dr Charles Shepherd | 14 June 2018

Dr Shepherd reviews some of the key presentations from the 13th IiMER Conference.

The Herald: After 25 years battling illness, actor prepares to showcase new film | 14 June 2018

The actor has adopted a holistic approach to self-care, at the centre of which lies a disciplined approach to sleep, nutrition, hydration and mental focus.

Scotland: Clinical nurse specialist makes finals of UK’s top national nursing awards | 12 June 2018

Keith Anderson, the only ME/CFS specialist nurse in Scotland, is a finalist in the 2018 RCNi Nurse Awards.

Fundraising Feature: Emma triumphs with her Ben Nevis challenge to raise funds for M.E. | 11 June 2018

“The climb itself was both the toughest challenge we had ever done together, but also the most amazing…”

Carol Monaghan and other MPs secure Westminster Hall debate on M.E. | 07 June 2018

Debate will take place on 21st June. Parliamentary briefing issued. Please invite your MP to attend!

ME Association May Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 07 June 2018

The latest ME research abstracts for the month of May, and a newly updated research index.

ME Association Website Survey: Why are we asking about the FODMAP diet? | 06 June 2018

Dr Shepherd explains why we are asking about FODMAP in our survey and how it might help with IBS.

NICE ME/CFS Clinical Guideline: Summary Report from Scoping Workshop by Dr Charles Shepherd | 30 May 2018

This is a summary of the stakeholder’s workshop that was held on Friday 25 May 2018 to discuss the current version of the new NICE guideline scoping report.

The Times: ME sufferer who was dismissed as hysterical vindicated in death | 29 May 2018

“We had doctors saying we just don’t believe in ME. When everyone is saying that to you it’s like a nightmare you can’t get out of.”

The ME Association and Press Coverage of Merryn Crofts Inquest by Dr Charles Shepherd | 28 May 2018

Dr Shepherd reflects on the recent inquest findings and media reports into Merryn’s tragic death from M.E.

ME Association Fundraising: Running for M.E. and for people we care about | 26 May 2018

This Bank Holiday weekend, three very special people are going to be fundraising hard for M.E., and for people they care deeply about.

Can you help? We need short video clips for a Sky One series ‘What’s up TV’ that will campaign for M.E. | 25 May 2018

Whats up TV are hoping to run a campaign about M.E. in their current series on Sky One.

2018 CMRC Research Conference: Register Now for ME/CFS Bristol Conference | 25 May 2018

The CMRC Research Conference is a fantastic opportunity for researchers and patients to network and to hear more about M.E. research developments.

Government Inquiry into support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) | 23 May 2018

The Education Committee is seeking parental views on SEND which may affect children with M.E.

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