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NHS to update classification system to reflect that M.E. is neurological disease | 06 August 2018

The current listing for M.E. and CFS in the NHS classification system to be replaced by ‘disorder of the nervous system’.

ME Awareness Week 2018 – Go blue campaign raises double the target estimate! | 06 August 2018

Funds raised during ME Awareness Week for the ME Association broke all previous records!

Fundraising Feature: Alison invites you to help her mark a grim anniversary | 06 August 2018

Alison Woodland decided to celebrate the strength it has taken to endure 10 years with M.E. by hosting a virtual tea part for the ME Association.

NICE ME/CFS Clinical Guideline Review: ME Association Submission re: Scoping Report | 02 August 2018

In our submission, we highlight the issues we believe NICE should either include or omit from the new clinical guideline on ME/CFS.

ME Association July Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 02 August 2018

This monthly summary lists all ME/CFS research published in the previous month and also provides a free download of all research ever published on the disease.

ME Association Website Survey: Why are we asking about premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and ME/CFS? | 01 August 2018

Information from this month’s website survey will be used in a new MEA leaflet on PMS and ME/CFS.

Dr Shepherd provides an update on antibiotic use in M.E. and highlights concerns about quinolones and fluroquinolones | 26 July 2018

An update on antibiotic use and warnings about a particular group of antibiotic drugs.

Fundraising Feature: A close shave for Katie… | 25 July 2018

“Beauty does not come from what you look like, what your clothes look like, or what your hair looks like. Beauty comes from the heart.”

America calls for a cultural shift in the way care is offered to ME/CFS patients | 13 July 2018

The world-leading Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has upped the stakes in the fight to get better care for people with ME/CFS.

Taking a holiday this summer? We can help with pre-travel planning | 06 July 2018

The ME Association has produced several leaflets to assist with travel plans, insurance and vaccinations.

ME Association June Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 04 July 2018

The latest M.E. research abstracts for June 2018, and a newly updated and free-to-download M.E. Research Index.

Fundraising Feature: A Fond Farewell to Foggy | 03 July 2018

Foggy’s exploits are coming to an end. He’s helped raised over £10,000 for M.E. research and will be pawly-missed.

Fundraising Feature: A Vintage Day for M.E. | 02 July 2018

Karen and Hannah Radenkova will be throwing a 1920s ‘Gatsby-themed’ tea party on 11th August.

MEA Summary Review: ME/CFS and the Biopsychosocial Model – By Dr Keith Geraghty | 29 June 2018

In a guest review, Dr Geraghty summarises his most recent study examining the BPS model in ME/CFS

The 2018 Edition of the ME Association Clinical and Research Guide for ME/CFS | 27 June 2018

This authoritative publication represents the most comprehensive, evidence-based summary currently available.

BBC News: MP Carol Monaghan leads campaign for new ME treatment | 25 June 2018

M.E. is incorrectly treated, lacks sufficient funding and is poorly understood by many in the medical profession.

NICE ME/CFS Clinical Guideline: Final scope consultation and lay member recruitment | 25 June 2018

The deadline for the NICE Scope Consultation and for Committee Recruitment is 26 July 2018.

Daily Mirror: Tory minister demands comedian Ricky Gervais apologises for branding M.E. sufferers ‘lazy’ | 23 June 2018

Comedian Ricky Gervais was called out for an old joke that epitomised and lent credence to the stigma surrounding M.E..

Rochdale News: MP calls for ‘much more to be done to tackle M.E.’ | 23 June 2018

“ME is such a misunderstood illness, as the sad case of Merryn Crofts from Norden demonstrates.”

MPs demand more biomedical research for cruel ‘death sentence’ disease | 22 June 2018

This MEA press release summarises some of the main points from the Parliamentary debate on M.E.

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