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Latest research from the ME/CFS Biobank: Hand Grip Strength as a Clinical Biomarker | 12 November 2018

New research indicates that handgrip strength may be a good diagnostic tool for ME/CFS.

ME Association Statement re: NICE ME/CFS Guideline Review and Committee Appointments | 09 November 2018

Dr Shepherd has been appointed as a co-opted member of the NICE guideline committee.

Xmas Appeal: Do you have M.E.? A review of the pioneering work of Dr Melvin Ramsay | 09 November 2018

Neil Riley reviews the contribution Dr Ramsay made to the field of M.E.

Fundraising Feature: Started your Christmas shopping yet? Novel gift ideas. | 08 November 2018

Isobel has created some rather cute characters sure to form the centrepiece of any Xmas decorations.

ME Association October Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 05 November 2018

We’ve updated our central index and provided you with details of the 18 ME/CFS research studies published in October.

ME Association Website Survey: Why we’re asking about healthcare plans and ME/CFS | 01 November 2018

We are asking this month if you have a healthcare plan in place for ME/CFS.

Fundraising Feature: Every little penny helps… Raising funds and a smile with art | 31 October 2018

Spreading joy through art. Isobel Butler has helped raise funds and a smile with her painting.

The ME Association Xmas Appeal – More Research for M.E. in 2019 | 29 October 2018

More research for M.E. in 2019. Because we believe it offers the best hope.

BBC Focus on ME/CFS Crisis in Wales and Unrest in the Senedd with MESiG | 28 October 2018

Last week saw a focus on Wales with the BBC feature broadcast and debate in the Welsh Assembly.

House of Lords Event Celebrated 10 Years of Forward ME | 24 October 2018

“On behalf of everyone with M.E, and their carers, I would like to thank the Countess of Mar for everything that she has done…

Forward ME – Stakeholder deliberations over NICE Scope for ME/CFS | 22 October 2018

These are the minutes of the meeting held prior to publication of the NICE Scope report.

Situations Vacant: We need a volunteer to help support our fundraising manager | 22 October 2018

We are looking for a volunteer to help support our fundraising manager.

Stephen Crabb MP wore a symptom suit to experience life with chronic illness | 22 October 2018

An effective way to demonstrate the hardship suffered by people with ‘invisible’ conditions.

Professor W. Ian Lipkin: ME/CFS is not a psychosomatic illness | 19 October 2018

“Our studies…confirm that patients with ME/CFS have biological abnormalities that cannot be characterized as psychosomatic.”

Fundraising: Running the London Marathon on behalf of people with M.E. | 18 October 2018

We don’t have any charity places for 2019 but there’s a chance in 2020, and plenty of other challenges that might appeal.

Applications invited for CMRC Patient Advisory Group | 16 October 2018

Would you like to help advise the CMRC? Applications are now available to join the Patient Advisory Group.

NICE ME/CFS Guideline Review: Publication of revised Scope, comments, and committee appointments | 16 October 2018

NICE publish the revised Scope and reveal some of the committee appointments.

ME Association Summary Report of the 2018 CMRC Research Conference | 08 October 2018

Charlotte provides a summary of each presentation from the 5th CMRC research conference in Bristol.

ME Association September Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 03 October 2018

We’ve updated our central index and provided you will all the abstracts from the last month.

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