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Fundraising: How to run 1,000 miles for M.E. The Virtual Runner Challenge | 22 December 2018

David shares tips on how to enjoy running 1,000 miles while raising funds for people with M.E.

Patient: ‘The latest thinking on chronic fatigue syndrome’ with Dr Charles Shepherd | 21 December 2018

Dr Charles Shepherd helps to explain the issues and what we know about M.E.

Dr Karl Morten announces £1.6million grant application to study disease pathology in ME/CFS | 21 December 2018

Dr Morten gave a fascinating talk in New Zealand which included several surprises.

King’s College: Clues to chronic fatigue syndrome in overactive immune response | 17 December 2018

“This work sheds light on potential mechanisms of immune dysregulation underlying early stages of CFS.”

Situations Vacant: We are recruiting for a social media manager | 12 December 2018

You will need to commit to 4 hours each day during the working week and have personal experience of M.E.

ME Association November Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 04 December 2018

We’ve updated our ME/CFS research index and provided details of the 24 studies published in November.

Migrating from DLA to PIP – Perseverance and support result in win at reconsideration and at appeal for M.E. | 03 December 2018

A woman with severe M.E. who decided to pursue an appeal despite winning her mobility claim.

ME Association Website Survey: Why we’re asking about medical evidence and ME/CFS | 03 December 2018

The results of our surveys will help in our ongoing discussions with NICE on the new ME/CFS guideline.

Charlotte Stephens on why it’s important to support the Christmas Appeal and fund more M.E. research | 30 November 2018

“I know that Christmas is an expensive time for many reasons, but please, do give anything you can spare.”

UK M.E. Biobank wins award in Biobank of the year competition | 30 November 2018

This award is fantastic news and a great tribute to all members of the M.E. Biobank team.

GcMAF/First Immune ‘is very speculative and comes with serious concerns about its safety’. | 28 November 2018

News from the BBC about the prosecution taking place at Southwick crown court.

It’s Giving Tuesday! A special day to do a good deed for a good cause. | 26 November 2018

Make the most of #GivingTuesday and support the MEA Christmas Appeal or donate via the PayPal matched funding opportunity.

In Memory of Dr Anne Macintyre: ‘An extremely kind and compassionate doctor’. | 26 November 2018

Anne will be very sadly missed as both a friend and colleague. A book of condolence is now open.

MEA Summary Review: Cardiac abnormalities in ME/CFS not due to deconditioning | 26 November 2018

A large replication that used tilt table testing and rejected the interpretation of an earlier study.

Cyber Monday! You can still raise vital funds for M.E. while shopping online | 25 November 2018

Use Amazon Smile or easyfundraising or Ebay for charity when shopping online this Christmas.

Fundraising: Please save your Christmas stamps for M.E. | 21 November 2018

Collecting used stamps can be a good way to help raise funds to support others with M.E.

What has been your experience of Amitriptyline as an aid to M.E. symptom management? | 20 November 2018

Dr Shepherd is updating the information leaflet on Amitriptyline and we’d like to hear your views.

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