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MEA Summary Review: Natural Killer Cells as a Biomarker in ME/CFS | 17 August 2018

A recent study from Spain has prompted this review of NK cell involvement in ME/CFS.

Dry eye symptoms and M.E. by Dr Charles Shepherd | 15 August 2018

Dr Shepherd explains what might be causing or contributing to dry eye syndrome, and highlights some recent ME/CFS research.

Fundraising Feature: The things some people do for M.E. | 15 August 2018

The “most exhilarating adrenaline rush” of his life, and all to help raise funds and awareness of M.E.

Gary Burgess reflects on series one of The ME Show and shares some of the feedback from listeners | 14 August 2018

“These podcasts are amazing. I wish they’d been around when my daughter was diagnosed.”

MEA Research Update: Metabolomics and ME/CFS – Dr Morten and the Oxford research centre | 13th August 2018

In this update we learn about metabolomics and its importance for ME/CFS biomarker discovery, and how research at Oxford is progressing.

Tribute paid to M.E. advocate Prof. Norman Booth who died last week | 13 August 2018

It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that Professor Norman Booth passed away late last week.

Tribute paid to Sir Alex Fergusson, an important M.E. campaigner who died recently | 10 August 2018

Sir Alex Fergusson, ex-MSP and an important ME campaigner, died on Tuesday 31st July, aged 69, following a short illness.

A big birthday with M.E. and someone who really gets it | 09 August 2018

If only everyone could appreciate that M.E. is often a hidden disease.

Press Release: Two teenagers hit by devastating severe M.E. reveal the brutal reality of life with the disease | 08 August 2018

Rosie Halsall and Skye Wheeler provide insight into life with severe M.E. and we hear from Merryn Crofts’ sister, Amy Williams.

NHS to update classification system to reflect that M.E. is neurological disease | 06 August 2018

The current listing for M.E. and CFS in the NHS classification system to be replaced by ‘disorder of the nervous system’.

ME Awareness Week 2018 – Go blue campaign raises double the target estimate! | 06 August 2018

Funds raised during ME Awareness Week for the ME Association broke all previous records!

Fundraising Feature: Alison invites you to help her mark a grim anniversary | 06 August 2018

Alison Woodland decided to celebrate the strength it has taken to endure 10 years with M.E. by hosting a virtual tea part for the ME Association.

NICE ME/CFS Clinical Guideline Review: ME Association Submission re: Scoping Report | 02 August 2018

In our submission, we highlight the issues we believe NICE should either include or omit from the new clinical guideline on ME/CFS.

ME Association July Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 02 August 2018

This monthly summary lists all ME/CFS research published in the previous month and also provides a free download of all research ever published on the disease.

ME Association Website Survey: Why are we asking about premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and ME/CFS? | 01 August 2018

Information from this month’s website survey will be used in a new MEA leaflet on PMS and ME/CFS.

Dr Shepherd provides an update on antibiotic use in M.E. and highlights concerns about quinolones and fluroquinolones | 26 July 2018

An update on antibiotic use and warnings about a particular group of antibiotic drugs.

Fundraising Feature: A close shave for Katie… | 25 July 2018

“Beauty does not come from what you look like, what your clothes look like, or what your hair looks like. Beauty comes from the heart.”

America calls for a cultural shift in the way care is offered to ME/CFS patients | 13 July 2018

The world-leading Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has upped the stakes in the fight to get better care for people with ME/CFS.

Taking a holiday this summer? We can help with pre-travel planning | 06 July 2018

The ME Association has produced several leaflets to assist with travel plans, insurance and vaccinations.

ME Association June Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 04 July 2018

The latest M.E. research abstracts for June 2018, and a newly updated and free-to-download M.E. Research Index.

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