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MEA Summary Review: Assessing PEM – The characteristic symptom of ME/CFS | 25 March 2019

Latest research analysis is hoped will lead to a definitive definition and will ultimately provide a validated clinical assessment tool.

Go BLUE for ME in ME Awareness Week: New ME Association T-Shirts! | 20 March 2019

Introducing our new Go BLUE for ME T-Shirts. Help raise awareness and raise funds during ME Awareness Week.

Rod Liddle vilifies disabled people. I’m tired of the hate. We all should be | 20 March 2019

Dr Francis Ryan, writing for The Guardian, on how recent media reporting has contributed to the vilification of disabled people.

New prescribing controls come into force for pain relieving drugs | 19 March 2019

Gabapentin and Pregabalin considered controlled substances and prescriptions will be restricted.

Diagnosing ME without testing for haemochromatos is like saying ‘go away and rot’, Lisa King says | 18 March 2019

Referral to a haematologist finally confirmed his chronic fatigue was a symptom of haemochromatosis.

ME/CFS researcher Dr Cara Tomas explains the results from a new study on energy production and mitochondria | 14 March 2019

Abnormalities in energy production would seem to occur ‘upstream’ of the mitochondria.

Fundraising: Andy’s Charity Day for M.E. | 08 March 2019

“It’s going to be an amazing day of music, but a hugely emotional one too – given Andy’s strong connection to our charity.”

ME Association February Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 06 March 2019

We’ve updated our central Research Index and feature 18 research abstracts from February 2019.

MEA Website Survey: Why we’re asking about cognitive dysfunction and ME/CFS | 05 March 2019

This month we are asking for your feedback to help Dr Shepherd prepare a new leaflet.

ME Awareness Week 2019 will be all about YOU and M.E! | 04 March 2019

Our focus this year will be the Real M.E. but we’ll also be helping you Go BLUE and raise awareness.

Fundraising: ‘Fe’BLUE’ary’ was Lee’s month of celebrating the life he now lives | 01 March 2019

“I began the month worried about what I would post but it evolved nicely and the support came rolling in.”

The 2019 Edition of the ME Association Clinical and Research Guide for ME/CFS/PVFS | 27 February 2019

The most comprehensive, evidence-based summary currently available in the UK.

Tribute paid to M.E. advocate and Royal Free veteran Pauline Ovenden who died recently | 27 February 2019

Pauline Ovenden was a patient advocate and veteran of the Royal Free outbreak. She will be sadly missed.

Medscape/CDC: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It’s Real, and We Can Do Better | 26 February 2019

“ME/CFS is a biological illness, not a psychological disorder.” Dr Elizabeth Unger, CDC, America.

Are surgeons missing the major differential diagnosis that is more common than MS and HIV combined? | 22 February 2019

“ME/CFS is a serious neurological condition which can be fatal.” Dr Nina Muirhead.

Pregnancy, M.E. and vaccination concerns with Dr Charles Shepherd | 15 February 2019

Dr Shepherd helps to answer a concern about being vaccinated whilst pregnant and about vaccines in general.

Fundraising: Meet Hester Sue, Harriett and Daphne… | 15 February 2019

The ME Marketplace is proud to host more of Hatty Rickards’s work. She’s hoping to sell her latest creations in aid of the ME Association.

Fundraising: Jonathan seeks help as he can’t do it all himself! | 9 February 2019

Former police officer Jonathan Davis now asks for your support for The ME Association

ME Association January Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 02 February 2019

We’ve updated our central Research Index and feature 14 research studies from January 2019.

MEA Summary Review: Metabolites from ME/CFS implicate ‘Redox’ imbalance | 02 February 2019

Evidence could support the involvement of oxidative stress, inflammation and hypoxia in ME/CFS.

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