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MEA Summary Review: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in ME/CFS | 14 November 2019

“This is a small but interesting laboratory-based research study. However, it would be premature to extrapolate these findings into concluding that naltrexone is likely to be a safe and effective form of drug treatment for ME/CFS.”

What’s in ME purse? Guest blog by Ev Kendall | 11 November 2019

“I’m for the badge because it alerts everyone to the fact you have an issue whether it be M.E. or possibly another illness that is also invisible.”

ME Association October Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 06 November 2019

We’ve updated the free central Research Index and feature 16 research studies from October 2019.

We’re at the Royal College of GPs conference in Liverpool! | 24 October 2019

The RCGP conference is underway and we’re there with Forward ME. Medical student Emilia Allwright has presented her research based on your responses to a recent survey.

MEA Press Release: Vital new research could lay bare the cause of one of world’s cruellest illnesses | 23 October 2019

“The ME Association is delighted to announce that our Ramsay Research Fund has been able to make three major research grants totalling nearly £200,000.”

MEA Summary Review: Differentiating Medical Uncertainty | 21 October 2019

We take a closer look at recent research from America that highlights concerns over inappropriate and harmful labelling and advocates for medicine to adopt a more patient-centred approach to care.

Make ME Visible Campaign – Mummying and ME | 16 October 2019

The term “invisible illness” suggests there is nothing to show for it. No clear symptom that Joe Bloggs on the street would see as such.

Invisible Illness Week 2019 – Masked, Trapped and Crumbling by Kate Stanforth | 15 October 2019

Kate teamed up with a professional make-up artist and photographer to create concepts visualising her medical conditions.

Make ME Visible Campaign – Invisible Illness Week 2019 | 14 October 2019

Is M.E. really an invisible illness? Which elements are visible and which parts remain hidden?

ME Association September Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 05 October 2019

We’ve updated the central Research Index and feature 12 ME/CFS research studies from September 2019.

MEA Website Survey: The Benefits of Having a Pet | 04 October 2019

This month we’re all about Pets and how much they can mean to someone who is not in the best of health.

Amended Cochrane Review: ‘Exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome’ | 03 October 2019

The influential Cochrane organisation has published an updated review and issued a statement following concerns expressed by the patient community.

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