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ME Awareness: The hidden illness mum and daughter want you to know about | 11 May 2019

“I want to get better and lead a normal life. I didn’t choose to be ill like this.” Helen Wood.

ME Awareness: Baz takes his petition to Downing Street… | 10 May 2019

“Research is the only way to get sufferers back on track and have the life they deserve.” Baz Hornsby

ME Awareness: Teen says teacher’s fake illness claim over ME saw her spiral towards self-harm | 10 May 2019

“You think about the person you could be but can’t. It is almost like losing your personality, losing yourself.” Milly Lowsley.

ME Awareness: The PACE Trial: How a Debate Over Science Empowered a Whole Community | 09 May 2019

“This debate helps highlight how existing behavioural approaches and treatments are failing patients.” Carolyn Wilshire.

ME Awareness: The ME Show Special – The Real M.E. – Transcribed | 09 May 2019

“Sometimes I feel like M.E. is all I am. But I am also a sister, a friend, a daughter, a partner, a colleague, a graduate and a police officer.” Stephanie.

ME Awareness: The Real ME – Recovery and Me – Gabby’s Story | 09 May 2019

“I have shied away from anything that would remind me of that time, that illness; and I am absolutely terrified that my children will suffer with it.” Gabby Coles.

ME Awareness: Cambridge woman reveals the truth about living with a debilitating illness | 08 May 2019

“I now have no regular social life to speak off and have lost contact with most, if not all, of my friends from my old life.” Gemma Corvalan.

ME Awareness: The Real ME – Ten Year Challenge with Severe ME – Jennifer’s Story | 08 May 2019

“I’ve had ten years of missing out on so many experiences, but also experiencing (enduring?) more than most people ever will.“ Jennifer Chittick.

ME Awareness: Seven things people with ME want you to know | 07 May 2019

“My mind is always foggy – once I forgot my own birthday. If you could feel death, I’d say it is living with this.” Milly Lowsley.

ME Awareness: ‘Hard to cope’ Mum-of-two with chronic fatigue says condition is triggered by her noisy kids | 07 May 2019

“It’s like having flu, tying lead weights to your limbs and attempting to do an Ironman.” Katy Beardsworth.

ME Awareness: The Real ME – The Things People Do – Kristian’s Story | 07 May 2019

“My lovely Hanna-Lisa’s energy levels have gradually reduced over time due to her condition and she is now unable to work,” Kristian Legg.

ME Awareness: Fit, football-mad Birmingham mum left unable to make it to the loo after devastating diagnosis | 06 May 2019

“Living with ME is like waking up with the worst flu and hangover combined you’ve ever had in your life, every single day.” Nicola Ingram.

ME Awareness: The Real ME – How This Disease Affects Me – Rog’s Story | 06 May 2019

“Sometimes the inevitable pain and fatigue is just the price I have to pay to get things done.” Rog Warner.

ME Awareness: Helen McLean is Going Blue for M.E. | 06 May 2019

Helen is doing the best she can to still live her best life. It can be frustrating, upsetting and overwhelming at times, but she’s trying.

ME Awareness: ‘My daughter, 21, who died weighing 5 1/2 stone, had ME on her death certificate – yet some still say it’s not real’ | 06 May 2019

“A neurologist even said “ME is not a real disease.” The medics made her doubt herself and feel ashamed.” Clare Norton.

ME Awareness: Press Release: Real People. Real Disease. Real M.E. | 06 May 2019

“We want to tell the world about the Real People that suffer because of this Real Disease – day after day, week after week, year after year, and in some of the cruellest cases, decade after painful decade.”

ME Awareness: What has changed since my daughter Merryn died from ME? Clare Norton | 05 May 2019

“It is time for egos to be put aside, for the science to be listened to, for patients to be listened to and the Hippocratic Oath to be remembered – first, do no harm.” Clare Norton.

ME Awareness: Bridgwater mum explains how ‘painful’ ME makes her feel like ‘a prisoner’ in her own body | 05 May 2019

“I now live my life mainly housebound. The same four walls day in, day out, drain any positivity you can try and muster.” Hayley Date.

ME Awareness: Social Services Can Threaten Families of Children with Chronic Fatigue | 05 May 2019

“One of the most heartbreaking cases I’ve dealt with was an eight-year-old girl who was forced to have GET. Her parents were told that if they didn’t comply, she’d be taken away,” Dr Nigel Speight.

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