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Members of the ME Association receive a quarterly magazine – ME Essential – delivered straight to their door. It features exclusive interviews, keeps them up-to-date with medical and scientific developments and includes stories about how people cope with the disease.

ME Essential Autumn 2018

What’s inside…

  • Chairman’s Message
    “When tempted by an advertisement for this ‘Technique’ or that ‘Process’, stop and consider. Think it through. Does it make sense? Is it likely that it will cure you? It’s time to use your head rather than your heart.”
  • News
    Research news and updates about ME/CFS
  • Chairman’s AGM statement
    “As membership of many organisations continues to fall, the ME Association is doing the opposite. We are growing.”
  • Management File
    Amitriptyline Explained with Dr Charles Shepherd
  • Ask the Doctor
    Dr Shepherd answers readers’ questions
  • Medical and Research Questionnaire
  • Research and Fundraising – The Big Issue
  • Keep investing in biomedical research
    – a tribute to Dr Ramsay, interviews with Dr Shepherd
    and Charlotte Stephens
  • Pacing with a heart rate monitor
    “I have learned more from 3 days with a HRM than in 30 years…” Eleanor Alba talks about how you can use a monitor to help better understand your limits, manage daily life and obtain testing for PoTS if applicable.
  • ME Awareness Week is coming and we need your help
  • Five Minutes With…
    Russell Fleming, MEA Content Manager
  • My M.E.
    Sarah Pyatt, “By fluke, fate or just plain luck, I now have a partner/carer to help me and I feel so sorry for those
    ME sufferers who have to go it alone.”
  • Lifestyle – Books, music and readers’ poetry
  • Real Lives – Real life stories and making new friends
    Jonathan Davis, “I thought I had covered all the bases,
    but I hadn’t factored in the loss of my masculinity.”
  • It’s all about ME
    New Year, New ME? Life and living, with Ev Francis
  • University and ME
    Our new series for young people with ME hoping to go to university, with student Emily Bailey
  • Fundraising
    Your amazing efforts to raise funds for ME and
    the ME Association
  • Your Letters
  • The Last Word
    Haty Hayfield, “ME/CFS is enough to deal with on its own and bad friends should be laundered out.”

And don’t forget…

  • The 2018 edition of our clinical and research guide is now available from Amazon in Kindle format!
  • The Kindle version comes with a fully interactive contents page, and embedded links to external information and to all our main leaflets. This makes it much easier to locate the information you need and to download leaflets from our website shop.
  • Hard copies will still be made available for order via the website shop or direct from head office, and we will continue to be able to send a free copy to nominated health professionals.

How to receive a copy of ME Essential

To receive a regular copy of our magazine you will need to be a member of the ME Association. To read more about the benefits of membership and to make an application, please visit our membership page.

You can join or renew membership online, or complete a Membership Application Form (especially if you would like to pay by annual standing order and receive £10 worth of free leaflets), and return it to our head office in the post.

ME Essential Frequently Asked Questions Index

In every issue of ME Essential magazine, Dr Shepherd answers questions from members on a whole variety of subjects relating to life with M.E. that together provide a useful source of reference.

You can view or download our latest index and then find answers from your own back-copies of our magazine, or contact head office who should be able to assist.

ME Association Registered Charity Number 801279


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