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My daughter and the pervasive dangers of PACE in paediatric M.E. by Adam Johnson | 06 August 2019

Zoe was put under surveillance – monitors, lights on constantly, nurses watching her eat and humiliatingly insisting on escorting her to the loo…

ME Awareness: The PACE Trial: How a Debate Over Science Empowered a Whole Community | 09 May 2019

“This debate helps highlight how existing behavioural approaches and treatments are failing patients.” Carolyn Wilshire.

PACE Trial & Reports

Published PACE Trial Reanalysis and ME Association Illness Management Reports and Critical Trial Reviews.

ME Association Letter in The Times re: PACE trial and need for good-quality research | 31 August 2018

Chairman Neil Riley has written to The Times in the wake of the recent MRC letter from Prof. Watt.

Medical Research Council: Full Statement – ME/CFS and PACE trial criticism | 29 August 2018

A full statement from the MRC over the PACE trial controversy.

BMJ: Pressure grows on Lancet to review “flawed” PACE trial | 24 August 2018

The BMJ also reports on mounting pressure for the Lancet to respond to calls for independent reanalysis of the controversial PACE trial.

ME Association Press Release: Reanalysis of the PACE trial finds impressive claims are ‘not statistically reliable’ | 22 March 2018

“The message is clear – CBT and GET are not effective ways of treating a serious neuroimmune disease. The sooner this message gets across to health professionals the better.”

Westminster Hall Debate: The PACE trial and its effect on people with M.E. – A meeting with Carol Monaghan MP | 08 February 2018

Dr Charles Shepherd and Dr William Weir, met with Carol Monaghan MP yesterday, to discuss and advise on the Westminster Hall debate on the PACE trial that is taking place on 20th February.

Journal of Health Psychology: Special Issue on the PACE Trial – Introduction by David Marks | 31 July 2017

  In Saturday’s blog we featured a press release from the Journal of Health Psychology (The Pace Trial – The Making of a Medical Scandal). Today the Journal has published its…

The PACE Trial: The Making of a Medical Scandal | 29 July 2017

Press release, Journal of Health Psychology, 28 July 2017. Journal of Health Psychology Special Issue on The PACE Trial, Vol. 22, No 9, Aug. 2017. A Special Issue of the…

Undiscovered – Sick and Tired: The PACE Trial | 30 May 2017

A new podcast from Science Friday. When researchers publish a new study on chronic fatigue syndrome, a group of patients cry foul—and decide to investigate for themselves. Written by Lauren…

Liaison psychiatrist says that Cochrane Review on exercise therapy in CFS was heavily influenced by controversial PACE Trial| 6 May 2017

From The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2 May 2017. Controversy over exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome: key lessons for clinicians and academics COMMENTARY ON… COCHRANE CORNER Alex J Mitchell…

PLOSone issues ‘Expression of Concern’ about PACE Trial cost-effectiveness analysis | 2 May 2017

From PLOSone, 2 May 2017. Expression of Concern: Adaptive Pacing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Graded Exercise, and Specialist Medical Care for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis THE PLOSone EDITORS Several…

‘It’s time for an independent review of the PACE Trial methods and results’ | Dr Charles Shepherd, Journal of Health Psychology | 10 April 2017

    Publication of different perspectives about the PACE Trial continues apace in the Journal of Health Psychology.   Yesterday, Dr Charles Shepherd, Hon. Medical Adviser to the ME Association appeared….

PACE trial commentaries in the ‘Journal of Health Psychology’ made open access – thanks to the MEA! | 29 March 2017

People wanting to read a new and wide-ranging collection of critiques about the PACE Trial are no longer banging their heads against an academic journal’s paywall. That’s because – thanks…

Thanks to the MEA, you can now read the whole independent re-analysis of the PACE Trial recovery paper | 22 March 2017

The independent re-analysis of the PACE Trial recovery paper emerged from behind the publisher’s paywall today – after the ME Association paid US$2,000 for open access to the paper so…

Call for retraction of PACE publication | Centre for Welfare Reform | 13 March 2017

From The Centre for Welfare Reform, 13 March 2017. An open letter to the editors of the journal Psychological Medicine, calling for the retraction of the 2013 article “Recovery from…

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