Monthly Archives: May 2020

ME Awareness: The Lost Years and Rediscovery by Kate Stanforth | 12 May 2020

“I’d like to say once I got the diagnosis, things got easier, but they didn’t. I ended up bedbound then ultimately paralysed in some of the darkest days I’ve experienced.”

ME Awareness: What the research is telling us about the pathology of ME |11 May 2020

This leaflet provides a summary of what biomedical research is telling us about M.E. It considers key symptoms, common triggers, and explains how various aspects of disease pathology could be linked to specific symptoms.

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Wendy Coxhill | 11 May 2020

“The first big challenge was when I became wheelchair-bound 3 years ago. The next loss was when I could no longer read or watch a film.”

ME Awareness: We will never forget Merryn Crofts who was only 21 when she died from ME | 11 May 2020

“I will never forget her, the memories we shared together and the things she taught me about true friendship,” Emily Foster.

ME Awareness: Dee’s Journey – From seizure, to brain surgery, to ME by Michael Govier | 11 May 2020

“It is incredible how strong she has been. I don’t think I would have coped with what Dee has experienced. She is my inspiration to keep on going and to support her on this journey.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Rachel Hill | 10 May 2020

“I continue to be confined to the house. Sitting or standing up for more than 2 minutes makes me very lightheaded, so I spend 23 hours each day lying down.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Tricia Marsh | 09 May 2020

“I repeatedly pushed myself to return to work. Every time I ended up off sick again. I was bewildered by a situation where the will to be well failed every time.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Stephen Powell | 09 May 2020

“Positives are there but, in the depths of this dreadful disorder, sometimes they are very hard to see.”

The ME Association End of Week Research Round-Up | 08 May 2020

The research bulletin highlights 3 of 6 new studies into ME/CFS and we’ve provided abstracts from all 6 studies published this week.

ME Awareness: The Lost Years, Cancer and ME by Sylvia Hine | 08 May 2020

“I feel like I’ve missed so much. It’s like I’ve lived only half a life for 30 years, and then to cap it all in 2016 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer.”

ME Awareness: Coronavirus and ME by Rebecca Smith | 07 May 2020

“I have spoken to 111 several more times as my chest was worse but have been told to stay in bed for 1-2 more weeks and even minimise talking if necessary.”

MEA Summary Review: Is mystery factor in plasma causing viral immunity in ME/CFS? | 06 May 2020

“This provides an explanation for the common observation that ME/CFS patients often report a sharp decrease in the number of colds and other viral infections they experience…”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Smita Dutta | 06 May 2020

“While writing this I am again thinking, “Why me?” I do not know when I am going to stop thinking about his question, maybe I never will.”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Grant Davidson | 05 May 2020

“I was a fit healthy football-mad teenager and I enjoyed other sports too. All seemed well but then I caught scarlet fever…”

ME Awareness: The Lost Years by Samantha Whittingham | 03 May 2020

“Yes, school was good, no I wasn’t lying. I just wanted to die. I didn’t care, I was happy to just slip away to stop existing. I was ten years old!”

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