ME Awareness Week: Showing the true face of M.E. – The Real M.E. Campaign | 08 May 2018


The Real M.E. campaign has been running since February and it has been a resounding success! We’ve received nearly 300 photos and video clips from members of the M.E. community.

Below you will find all of the individuals who have taken part in the photo campaign to date. Many of them kindly submitted more than one photo.

We will continue to use these photos – and video – on our website, in social media posts, and when we work with the mainstream media on M.E. stories and feature articles.

We believe that is it time the world at large realises that M.E. can affect anyone, of any age, any race, at any time of their life.

There is no need for media to rely solely on often inappropriate and unrepresentative ‘stock images’. People with M.E. are demonstrating they possess the confidence to be seen and are helping to make M.E. more visible.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part. Please keep an eye on our website and social media especially over the remainder of this ME Awareness Week for more from the campaign.

If you still want to take part in the Real M.E. campaign, it is not too late. Take a look at the original blog and send me your photos and video clips along with a short explanation of the context.

The Real M.E. 2018

The ME Association

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Thank you.