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Surrey ME/CFS and Fibro Facebook Group

Contact: Surrey Group – ME FIBRO POTS CFS

A friendly group open to anyone living in Surrey, UK over 18 with ME/ CFS / Fibromyalgia / POTS who would like to make new local friends, even if housebound!


Guildford and West Surrey ME/CFS Support Group

Contact: Neil Perrett
Address: 37 Keswick Drive, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5XE.


Richmond and Kingston ME Group

Contact: Nicky Handcock
Telephone: 079 8486 0309 (please be sure to leave a message if no one is available immediately to take your call).
Twitter: @randkmegroup (see our tweets on the home page of the group).

The Richmond and Kingston ME Group supports individuals with ME, their families and friends principally in Richmond, Kingston and surrounding boroughs including Surrey county.

We have a quarterly newsletter, library, thrice-monthly coffee/tea meetings, an e-mail chat group and a Facebook page. We have a current membership of almost 200 members.