St Albans M.E. Group

Contact: Maxine Ellis
Email: stalbans.m.e.group@gmail.com
Facebook: St Albans M.E. Group (This is a closed group so you will need to apply to join) and also, Parents of Children with CFS/M.E/Fibro in Hertfordshire.
Website: http://stalbansmegroup.wix.com/mysite

Hertfordshire’s first active M.E. group for many years was formed early in 2016 with Maxine Ellis at the helm and concentrating in the first instance on her home city of St Albans and the neighbouring district.

It is open to people with M.E, fibromyalgia and similar conditions. Maxine – who has lived in St Albans for over 15 years – is hoping the group will be able to hold meetings and coffee mornings in the not-to-distant future.