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ME Connect is the telephone and email helpline service of The ME Association. It provides support for people with ME and those who live with or care for them. ME Connect provides a safe and understanding opportunity to people with ME so that they know they are being heard and understood. This direct link with people affected by ME/CFS means that we have been able to develop a series of leaflets specifically dealing with the concerns expressed.

How do downloads work?
Downloads are computer files that you can read on your computer screen or print off using your own printer. You will not receive a copy in the post, they are electronic files only.

Just diagnosed? We are here to help

This leaflet guides you gently through your M.E. and how to cope.

What gets in the way of good management?

Good management of ME can help people along the road to recovery

Caring for a person with ME

ME is tough on sufferers and carers. There is help if you know where to look.

Counselling – your guide

Help for those of who are considering counselling

Managing your emotions in ME

Managing your emotions is as important as managing physical problems

Anxiety and Panic attacks – questions answered

Help when you are anxious or having a panic attack

Explaining ME/CFS to other people

This leaflet will help you begin by telling people how your illness started and how you feel.