ME wristbands

Soft flexible wristbands embossed with the message “It’s real. It’s physical. It’s M.E.”.

Single band £1.50, four bands for £5; £3.20 and £7 to Europe and £4 and £8 to the rest of the world.

Prices include VAT where applicable and p&p. Please contact us for overseas and bulk orders.

Product Options
1One MEA wristband UK (£1.50 inc VAT)£1.25
2Four MEA wristbands UK (£5 inc VAT)£4.17
3One MEA wristband Europe (£3.20 inc VAT)£2.67
4Four MEA wristbands Europe (£7 inc VAT)£5.83
5One MEA wristband RoW£4.00
6Four MEA wristbands RoW£8.00
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