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Downloadable information about ME/CFS. Please note that downloads are subject to VAT at 20%.

How do downloads work?
Downloads are computer files that you can read on your computer screen or print off using your own printer. You will not receive a copy in the post, they are electronic files only.


Explaining ME/CFS to other people

Helping to explain the full nature of what is involved in ME.

What causes ME/CFS?

The cause of ME/CFS is subject to uncertainty and debate and is why doctors differ on how the condition should be managed

ME/CFS – Your questions answered

Explanations of ME/CFS/PVFS and how they differ other causes of chronic fatigue

Case for better NHS services

MEA evidence to the 2009 All Party Parliamentary Group

Travel insurance

Travel insurance tips

Our Ramsay Research Fund explained

How The MEA funds medical research