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Downloadable information about benefits, tax credits, Disability living allowance and related matters. All downloadable leaflets are subject to VAT at 20%.

How do downloads work?
Downloads are computer files that you can read on your computer screen or print off using your own printer. You will not receive a copy in the post, they are electronic files only.

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Getting help from Social Services

Explains how the Care Act 2014 affects social services

PIP Guide featured image copy

PIP – The MEA guide to filling in the form

The MEA's guide on how to complete your PIP forms

Disabled Facilities Grant_Page_1

Disabled facilities grant

If you are disabled and need to make changes to your home, you could be eligible financial help

ESA Guide featured image copy

ESA – a guide to filling in the form

How to do the paperwork + 10 top tips

benefits and tax credits leaflet copy

Benefits and tax credits (introduction)

Introduces the benefits you may be able to obtain


Carer’s allowance

What it is, how to apply and what to do if you are turned down

Blue Badge leaflet copy - use this copy copy copy

Blue Badge scheme

Blue Badge scheme including letter to your council