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Volunteering for Medical Research

Most of the research studies and clinical trials that we fund through the Ramsay Research Fund, or are being funded by other research funding organisations such as the Medical Research Council, make use of people with ME/CFS who are already attending clinics within the hospital they belong to, or a hospital that they have links with.

There are, however, occasions where the MEA is asked to help find research volunteers. When this occurs we make an announcement on the MEA website and in ME Essential – the MEA magazine. The request is then added to the regularly updated list below.

Please note that inclusion of a study on this list does not necessarily mean MEA endorsement or funding support.

Current List of Research Studies and Clinical Trials requiring Volunteers:

  1. UK ME/CFS Biobank severe patient and healthy control blood samples:

Recruitment areas: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Greater London

Authors: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Read more: here.

  1. Understanding the clinical characteristics of severe ME/CFS and its relationship with cognitive impairment and autonomic dysfunction

Authors: ME/CFS Research Newcastle

Recruitment areas: North-east of England, North Cumbria and the Hambleton and Richmondshire districts of North Yorkshire.

Read more: here.

  1. Survey of symptoms of people with CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome

Authors: Plymouth University

Recruitment: Anyone (online survey)

Read more: here.