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UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative

UK CMRCThe UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) was established in April 2013 as a working group of researchers, research funding organisations and ME/CFS charities.

The overall aim of the collaborative is to promote the highest quality of basic and applied evidenced based and peer reviewed research into ME/CFS.

As a constructive discussion forum it also seeks to promote ME/CFS as an attractive and exciting field to outside researchers and to lobby for an increase in overall funding.

The CMRC helps stimulate interest in the field, assists with research applications and initiatives, and hosts an annual research conference which brings together national and international experts, researchers and clinicians new to the field, patients and carers.

For more details please see the CMRC Charter.

The CMRC is chaired by Stephen Holgate from the University of Southampton who is also Medical Research Council (MRC) Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology and Honorary Consultant Physician. It was largely because of Professor Holgate’s involvement in the MRC Expert Group on ME/CFS and his continuing determination to discover the underlying causes of the disease and find effective forms of treatment, that the collaborative was born.

The ME Association, as an active member of the MRC Expert Group, also supported Professor Holgate in establishing the CMRC and strongly believes in the importance of this working partnership – especially in helping to bring ME/CFS to the recognition of mainstream science as a legitimate biomedical disease in desperate need of increased funding.

In September 2015 it was announced that The Wellcome Trust and National Institute of Health Research would join the collaborative as observers, and that Wellcome and Arthritis Research UK would also provide significant sponsorship for the research conference. You can read more about this, here.

Research Conferences

September 2014 witnessed the first CMRC research conference in Bristol. It was a two-day conference and featured sessions of presentations for scientists as well as a patient session which helped facilitate further interaction and raise awareness of key issues from the patient perspective.

October 2015 saw the CMRC take its conference to Newcastle where the keynote speaker was Professor Jose Montoya from Stanford University. Many of the presentations from the two-day meeting were for the first time available live online, and the conference also saw Arthritis Research UK helping to host the patient workshop. More details were revealed about the proposed ‘Grand Challenge’ and a new study was launched by Dr Mark Edwards titled, ‘Neural correlates of post-exertional malaise in CFS/ME‘ which is funded in large part by the Medical Research Council. The official 2015 conference report is available, here.

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