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Executive Committee and Becoming a Member

Members of CRMC are represented by an executive committee who organise meetings, co-ordinate public statements, and develop proposals for funding and research strategy.

The ME Association is a member of the executive committee, and meets with other members formally at least twice every year. Details of the committee’s responsibilities can be read in the charter, and meeting summaries are published as soon as possible after each meeting.

Executive committee

Following the CMRC meeting in October 2017, members of the executive committee were confirmed as:

  • Chair Professor Stephen Holgate (University of Southampton)
  • Deputy Chair Dr Esther Crawley (University of Bristol)
  • Professor Patrick Chinnery (MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, and Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences, Cambridge University),
  • Dr Mark Edwards (University College London),
  • Dr Zoe Gotts (University of Northumbria),
  • Dr Joanna Elson (Institute of Neuroscience, University of Newcastle),
  • Professor Paul Little (University of Southampton), 
  • Professor Carmine Pariante (King’s College London), and,
  • Professor Chris Ponting (Deputy Director of Functional Genomics Unit, MRC).

ME/CFS charity membership is represented by Sonya Chowdhury (Action for M.E.), and Dr Charles Shepherd (ME Association).

Michael Dalrymple from charity, MRC-Technology, has joined the board, along with Mark Jones, representing UCB a leading biopharmaceutical.


  • Chris Macdonald/Craig Bullock (Arthritis Research UK),
  • Dr Gabrielle Murphy (BACME),
  • Representatives from Wellcome Trust and the National Institute for Health Research, and,
  • Ed Sykes (Science Media Centre).

Becoming a Member of the CMRC

Professional and Student Membership

Professional membership costs £20 per year and student* membership £15 per year.

Membership is open to all UK-based medical practitioners, all other health care professionals, researchers and charities involved in ME/CFS research: see the CMRC Charter for more details.

Benefits of membership include:

  • contributing to work streams designed to deliver the aims and objectives of the CMRC
  • contributing to research strategy
  • being kept up-to-date with work stream progress and new initiatives
  • reduced fees for attendance at the annual general meeting where work streams will present their progress in meeting objectives and researchers will be able to present research findings.

*Students in this category are defined as those doing research and registered for a further degree (PhD, doctorate, MSC)

Associate Membership


Open to those interested in supporting the CMRC. Associate members are not expected to be actively involved in ME/CFS research but will want to support it.

Benefits of membership include:

  • regular email updates about work stream progress, outcomes from meetings and new initiatives.

Membership Application

To apply for membership please complete the application form and return to the address indicated by email or by post with the appropriate payment if required.

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