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ME Connect

Our ME Connect helpline is available every day of the week on 0844 576 5326. Please phone between these times: 10am-12noon, 2-4pm and 7-9pm.

ME Connect is the ME Association’s Information and Support Service. The service is manned by volunteers, many of whom will be people with ME or their carers.

Please note, we do not offer a counselling service. Our volunteers cannot take over the management of your problems but they will try to help you.

We provide an email helpline to give out information. For details, please click HERE.

Leaflets and booklets

We have over 70 leaflets and booklets covering all aspects of management. So please check if one of these items will answer your query.  A downloadable list of MEA literature can be found here or at the Order Form in ME Essential magazine.




ME Association Registered Charity Number 801279.