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Sponsored events  Go the extra mile for ME

Physical challenges

Living with ME, every day is a challenge. Many of our fundraisers feel that they want to mirror that challenge in the strenuous efforts they go to in raising vital income to support our work. Our magnificent fundraisers have pushed themselves to the limit on behalf of friends and family who couldn’t:

  • running in marathons, half marathons and 10k’s in every corner of UK,
  • scaling the highest mountains
  • cycling across countries and continents
  • fighting against challenges in color runs, mud and obstacle challenges and
  • swimming across lakes and lochs.

We help you to find the challenge to suit your own aspirations and then support you every step of the way in reaching your goal.


Not so physical challenges

And if you can’t or shouldn’t push yourself physically, there are so many other personal challenges that your friends and family would support you to do:-

  • A sponsored silence?
  • A headshave?
  • Going ‘Hands Free’ – without technology for a month or two?
  • A mobility scooter marathon
  • Giving up sugar or alcohol, or perhaps going on a diet?

Get in touch with any ideas that you may have and we’ll help you turn them into reality.


Family celebrations

Share the love and help support people with ME as you celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries or someone’s life in memorium by requesting donations instead of gifts.

Whatever the occasion, invite family and friends to make a donation to help you celebrate and to support our life-saving work.


Fundraising support

You won’t be doing this on your own. We’re here to help.

Helen Hyland, our Fundraising Manager, will give you the fundraising and moral support you need to make whatever you decide to do a success. She’ll sort out fundraising supplies – (free T shirts, sponsorship forms, leaflets, identity badges, and letters of introduction) and help you with promotion too. She’ll also try to put you in touch with other fundraisers who’ve been there before and can help with practical advice and support.

Helen can answer any questions and will also guide you through online sponsorship and help you to create your own personal fundraising page on The ME Association’s special area special area at the JustGiving website.

So what are you waiting for? – get in touch NOW.

Helen.Hyland@meassociation.org.uk  or 01280 838964