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Nearly 250,000 people struggle to live with ME every day in the UK. There is no known cure for ME but with the right support and advice, we can help to make their lives better whilst we search hard for a cure.

The ME Association does not receive government grants or other outside assistance to do this. We rely solely on the support of our members, our donors and our fundraisers. We need your support to ensure that we can be there to give ME sufferers the long-term support and the hope that they urgently need.

Money raised for The ME Association will go to support our Organisation’s wide range of activities. Core funding to support the basic activities of The MEA will help support important services such as ME Connect, the provision of new educational information and this website. We also need support for The Ramsay Research Fund, to support much needed research.  Remember, fundraising not only raises funds but it also provides a useful opportunity to raise awareness.

There are many ways in which you can help us to make a real difference to services offer to people who are affected by ME/CFS.

  • Just £10 per month would pay for a valuable hour of our ME Connect service giving much valued support and advice to ME Sufferers and their families.
  • It costs nearly £100 a  day to run our ME Connect helpline.
  • It costs £500  to take and store a single sample for our Biobank research resource
  • It costs £500 to train each new volunteer for our vital ME Connect helpline.



Anyone can help us to raise funds: members, non-members, businesses, local groups, schools, families and friends of people with ME/CFS .

Our Fundraising Manager, Helen Hyland, will provide fundraising and moral support for your efforts.  Or phone her for a chat on 01280 838964.


ME Association Registered Charity Number 801279.

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