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MoneyThe ME Association is in constant need of funds. We need it for the Research we fund, the ME Connect support helplines we run and the information we provide. Here we give you some ideas as to the ways and means of fundraising, and to let you know how money raised and sent to Head Office will be spent.

Anyone can help us to raise funds: members, non-members, businesses, local groups, schools, families and friends of people with ME/CFS – we welcome and will support your efforts by providing a Fundraising Pack (see below).

You can make a real difference to the level of service we are able to offer people who are affected by ME/CFS. There are many ways you can help: some take very little effort on your part (donations, collection boxes etc.) and some will cost you nothing (Gift Aid, Donate As You Spend etc.), while others such as taking part in sponsored events will take energy and time but you will be rewarded by way of personal achievement.

Money raised for The ME Association will go to support our Organisation’s wide range of activities. Core funding to support the basic activities of The MEA will help support important services such as ME Connect, the provision of new educational information and this website. Remember, fundraising not only raises funds but it also provides a useful opportunity to raise awareness.


The simplest way to support The ME Association is by making a donation and you can do this online, by post or by telephone. Regular donations by standing order or payroll giving are particularly welcome. If you can help us in this way, please follow the appropriate links below.

You can make a quick donation here.

Start payroll giving here.

Contact us. to make donation.

Any donation you are able to make is valuable to us and will be gratefully received. At no extra cost to you, The ME Association may be able to claim from the Inland Revenue a further 28p for every pound you donate, provided you are a UK tax payer. If you pay sufficient Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, please complete a Gift Aid declaration by downloading the form.

ME Association Registered Charity Number 801279.