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NICE announces next steps in updating its guideline on ME/CFS | 16 February 2018

NICE has also confirmed the next steps in the development of the new guideline, starting with a further workshop with stakeholder organisations on 25 May to discuss the scope of the guideline.

Family Doctor: ME/CFS What Every Family Physician Needs to Know | 14 February 2018

This authoritative article appears in the current issue of Family Doctor and was written by Mary Dimmock, Susan Levine, MD, and Terri L. Wilder, MSW.

MEA Summary Review: Elevated BNP levels in ME/CFS associate with cardiac dysfunction | 14 February 2018

A recent study from a research group at Newcastle University has found that patients with ME/CFS have significantly higher levels of a hormone called BNP in their blood and that this also correlated with significantly lower cardiac volumes.

People living with M.E and Carers Wanted for Contributions to a Postgraduate Health Psychology Programme at GCU | 14 February 2018

Glasgow Caledonian University’s Postgraduate Health Psychology programme, is looking for a few local volunteer patients and carers to help develop the practical understanding of trainee psychologists.

Westminster Hall Debate: The PACE trial and its effect on people with M.E. – A meeting with Carol Monaghan MP | 08 February 2018

Dr Charles Shepherd and Dr William Weir, met with Carol Monaghan MP yesterday, to discuss and advise on the Westminster Hall debate on the PACE trial that is taking place on 20th February.

Forward ME – Discussion of NICE guideline review, Royal College of GPs conference, and Westminster Hall debate on ME/CFS | 06 February 2018

Minutes of meeting held in January, where charity members discussed plans for NICE workshop, RCGP conference, and Westminster Hall debate on ME/CFS.

Tips for hosting a screening of Unrest in your local community | 06 February 2018

If you are thinking about hosting Unrest in your local community, we hope that our tips and experiences will help you in planning and preparing for your own event.

Fundraising Feature: “This is me. This is M.E.” by Lee Stammers | 05 February 2018

My name is Lee Stammers, a-soon-to-be 40-year-old with M.E. I’m going BLUE for the whole of February (FeBLUEary) to raise awareness about the reality and seriousness of this cruel illness.

The ME Association ‘Real M.E.’ photo campaign | 05 February 2018

We want to include images of real people with M.E. on our website, in our blogs, and across our social media, and so we are asking you to send us quality digital photographs in whatever situations or activities you consider most representative of your life with M.E.

The Press and Journal: The ME generation want better care across Scotland | 30 January 2018

Jennifer Brea, the director of an award-winning film about the difficulties of living with ME, will join the calls for enhanced care during an event at the Scottish Parliament this evening.

New ME Association Guide to PIP and ESA Reconsiderations and Appeals | 29 January 2018

The new ME Association guide to ESA and PIP Reconsiderations and Appeals takes you through every step of the process, and aims to demystify it.

MEA Summary Review: The dysfunctional autonomic nervous system in ME/CFS | 24 January 2018

An ME Association research summary that explains the autonomic nervous system, recent research findings, and provides some self-help tips for symptom relief.

Fundraising feature: A coffee morning for M.E.? | 23 January 2018

Fundraising for the ME Association doesn’t have to be physical. And you don’t even have to leave your own home to do it. 

Walk the distance, make a difference! Walk for M.E. on ME Awareness Day! | 19 January 2018

The ME Association is teaming up with Just Walk to offer this unique opportunity to walk for M.E. on the 12th May which is ME Awareness Day.

MedPage Today: An interview with Francis Collins, Director of the NIH in America, about the priorities for ME/CFS | 18 January 2018

The National Institutes of Health is trying hard to bring real hope — not false hope — to patients with ME/CFS, NIH director Francis Collins, MD, PhD, said during an exclusive interview with MedPage Today.

Forward ME – Meeting with Kathryn Pugh, Deputy Head of Mental Health, NHS England | 18 January 2018

  Forward ME Minutes of the Meeting held in the House of Lords Tuesday 5 December 2017, 2.00 pm Present: Countess of Mar (Chairman), Janice Kent (reMEmber), Bill Kent (reMEmber), Clare Ogden (AFME), Dr Charles Shepherd…

Reviewing the NICE guideline for ME/CFS: The Stakeholders Engagement Workshop – A Report by Dr Charles Shepherd | 17 January 2018

Dr Charles Shepherd summarises the key points to emerge from the NICE Stakeholders Engagement Workshop that took place on Tuesday 16th January 2018.

Scottish Parliament to host screening of Unrest – Invite your MSP to attend | 17 January 2018

Unrest is being shown at an event for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament on 30th January 2018. If you live in Scotland, this is an incredible opportunity to make a concerted impact on decision makers.

Independent: Time for Unrest: Why patients with ME are demanding justice | 07 January 2018

A new film sheds light on a condition that is largely ignored. Nathalie Wright reports on the struggles patients face to be taken seriously by doctors.

“It has taken my life” – Sheringham woman speaks out about living with the debilitating disease ME | 06 January 2018

“I was fit, I went rambling and went to the gym,” she said. “But ME has taken my whole life and any fulfilment I might have had.”

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