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Made for M.E.! The Marketplace 4 M.E. Team – Christmas Gift Ideas | 25 November 2017

If you you’re looking for that unique festive gift for someone you hold dear, do take a look at the Marketplace4ME,  and contact the makers direct. If they don’t happen to provide contact details, then contact Helen, and she can put you in touch with them.

Forward ME – Meeting with Dr Max Davie from the Royal College of Paediatricians | 25 November 2017

Forward ME members met with Dr Max Davie from the Royal College of Paediatricians to discuss matters relating to children and M.E. They also discussed developments at NICE and with research incl. the controversial SMILE trial.

‘Having a pet has been the best thing for M.E.’ | 23 November 2017

A few months ago, we asked our Facebook community what difference having a pet in their lives made to their abilities to cope with M.E.

The Sociological Review: ‘Being a Housebound Digital Academic’ by Anna Wood | 20 November 2017

Anna Wood reviews some of the digital tools that have allowed her to work as an academic while being 90% housebound by M.E.

Introducing Neo – The Four-legged ME Association Fundraiser | 18 November 2017

Neo’s first official public appearance for the ME Association, with be at the Santa Dash in Glasgow on 10th December. Please support his challenge.

Understanding the neurobiology of fatigue: Professor Julia Newton ‘Standing up for fatigue’ | 16 November 2017

The Royal Society hosted a two-day conference ‘understanding the neurobiology of fatigue’. One of the distinguished researchers was Professor Julia Newton from the University of Newcastle, who spoke about the role of autonomic dysfunction and ME/CFS.

International Business Times: One woman’s debilitating experience with M.E. | 15 November 2017

Hannah Price, 23, has had ME since she was 11 years old. Like many people with ME, Hannah developed it after contracting a virus that she never truly recovered from…

Advertising Standards Authority ruling on ME Association complaint re Kathy Kent and the Lightning Process | 15 November 2017

Background: When the SMILE trial results were published, the ME Associated stated that we would continue to refer cases where Lightning Process practitioners are making unproven therapeutic claims to the…

We hear from Cara Tomas about her recent study on cellular bioenergetic deficiencies in ME/CFS | 13 November 2017

Cara Tomas is a PhD student working with Professor Julia Newton at the Institute of Cellular Medicine, and her research was featured in the New Scientist last week.

Research: Exercise–induced changes in cerebrospinal fluid miRNAs in Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sedentary control subjects | 11 November 2017

The changes in brain chemistry — observed in levels of miRNAs that turn protein production on or off — were seen 24 hours after riding a stationary bike for 25 minutes.

MEA Fundraising Feature: Completing a pilgrimage to the ‘edge of the world’ | 10 November 2017

Over 65 days, Sophie Breese and her partner walked the Camino de Santiago from her home in France to Fisterra in North west Spain. A total of 1,376km!

Don’t forget to order your Christmas cards! | 09 November 2017

  This year’s Christmas cards have flown out of the office like hot cakes! We have two designs – a nativity scene, and a village scene, featuring skaters on a…

“Our findings validate their symptoms — that their illness is real and has a biological basis.” Professor Jose Montoya | 09 November 2017

  This was a blog written by Ruthann Richter and published by Stanford Medicine, 8th November, 2017. For years, infectious disease expert Jose Montoya, MD, has been frustrated by the mysteries…

MEA Fundraising Feature: Alison and Joy – Running for M.E. in the Leeds Abbey Dash | 07 November 2017

Last weekend, two very special ladies donned the iconic purple ME Association, ‘It’s Real It’s Physical’, t-shirts to embark on the Leeds Abbey Dash for M.E.

UK ME/CFS Biobank: The importance of patient involvement | 06 November 2017

  Published in the Journal Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behaviour, October 30, 2017. This editorial, written by key members of the ME/CFS Biobank team, is open access and provides an…

New Scientist: Blood cells in chronic fatigue syndrome are drained of energy | 04 November 2017

  This article appeared in the New Scientist on November 3rd, 2017, and was written by Andy Coghlan. It relates to recent research from lead researcher, Cara Tomas, who worked…

The Screw M.E. Market auction begins on Sunday 5th November at 12.30pm! | 03 November 2017

Quite an alarming title. But if you’ve lived with or around M.E. you will surely have felt like shouting it, or something similar, at one time or another – perhaps at the top of your voice, regardless of who could hear you, or what they might think.

BBC Breakfast with Jennifer Brea and Dr Charles Shepherd | 02 November 2017

  Last Saturday saw Jennifer Brea and Dr Charles Shepherd interviewed on BBC Breakfast by presenters Naga Munchetty and Steph McGovern. BBC Breakfast attracts a very large audience and although…

MEA Summary Review: Rethinking Childhood Adversity in ME/CFS | 30 October 2017

  We recently posted the conclusion of a new study from a research group at Newcastle University, led by Professor Julia Newton, which evaluated existing claims that childhood adversity was…

ME Association review of Unrest in Parliament: “I cannot recall a parliamentary meeting where we have had so much genuine interest in ME/CFS” | 26 October 2017

  By Dr Charles Shepherd, Hon Medical Adviser to the ME Association. As ME Association members will know, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP – Speaker of the House of…

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