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Members of the ME Association receive a quarterly magazine – ME Essential – delivered straight to their door. It features exclusive interviews, keeps them up-to-date with medical and scientific developments and includes stories about how people cope with the disease.

Our latest issue – Winter 2017 – is packed with things you’ll want to read!

It features the recent interview on BBC Breakfast with Dr Charles Shepherd, and Jennifer Brea, about the award-winning documentary film, Unrest.

We also include a review of the parliamentary reception for Unrest that was hosted by ME Association Patron, and Speaker of the House, the Rt. Hon. Sir John Bercow, MP, and we reveal some photographs of the event that haven’t been seen before!

We have an exclusive interview with Dr Keith Geraghty about his personal experience of M.E. and his research – funded by the ME Association – that is critically examining controversial treatments: CBT and GET.

We also look at the SMILE trial, which included another controversial treatment, the Lightning Process, and raised concerns throughout our community.

Dr Shepherd talks about thyroid disease, and how important it is to recognise that some of the symptoms of low thyroid function/hypothyroidism can overlap with the symptoms of ME/CFS and must be excluded before a diagnosis of ME/CFS is made…

For more information, about the latest issue, and on how to become a member of the ME Association, please visit the membership page of the website