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Members receive a quarterly magazine called ME Essential. It covers our research news, keeps members up-to-date with medical/scientific developments and general news and features about the illness.

It is vitally important that you and others are kept informed of the latest research and development findings so that you can develop the ability to manage your symptoms effectively and improve your quality of life.

To receive a regular copy of our magazine you will need to be a member of the ME Association. To read more about the benefits of membership and to make an application, please visit our membership page, or you can join or renew membership online, or complete an application form (especially if you would like to spread the cost with a regular standing order) and return it to our head office.

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Above: The cover of our latest issue of ME Essential quarterly magazine. Copies are posted to every member of the ME Association.


ME Essential Frequently Asked Questions with answers from Dr Charles Shepherd, ME Association Medical Adviser

In every edition of ME Essential magazine, Dr Shepherd answers questions from members about a whole variety of issues relating to life with ME that together provide a useful source of reference. You can view or download our latest index and then find answers from your own back-copies of our magazine.


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