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The ME Association aims to support people with ME/CFS through all stages of their illness.

– ME/CFS is hard to accept. And those who do not accept their illness rarely recover. So we help people understand and come to terms with their illness.

– ME/CFS is hard to diagnose. We help people get the diagnosis and medical help they need.

– ME/CFS wrecks lives. We help people struggling to cope practically, emotionally and financially. We work to shield them from remedies that offer false hope.

– ME/CFS is invisible. We help people explain their illness to disbelieving relatives, colleagues and friends.

– ME/CFS silences! We campaign and speak out for those who can’t defend themselves


We strive to give people hope:

– Hope that through sustained campaigning, there will, one day, be a recognised diagnostic test for their illness. ME/CFS is difficult to diagnose. There is no set test for ME/CFS – it is diagnosed by elimination, by ruling out everything else that it could be. But the quicker it is recognised, diagnosed and treated, the more likely the sufferer is to recover. We aim to work closely with the medical profession and with government to promote swifter diagnosis and treatment of the illness.

– Hope that they will, one day, be cured. Through our research arm, The Ramsay Research Fund, we support biomedical research into the causes and treatment of ME/CFS. Our current research projects with universities across the country include investigations into mitochondrial dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, the effect of exercise on cognitive and immune system function, post-exertional malaise, sleep disturbance and management, and muscle research. We are also working to support the UK ME/CFS Biobank as a vital resource for future UK research.