Mid-Warwickshire M.E. Group

Julie Heptinstall

Tel: 01926 512 340

The group – formed 11 years ago – has regular monthly meetings during the third week of each month in Leamington Spa. Members usually meet upstairs at the Fat Birds Café in Warwick Street, but will come downstairs if somebody arrives in a wheelchair. There’s no set day for the meeting at the moment, so please check with Julie or Rachel before travelling. Either phone Julie or email rachelwilliams399@hotmail.com

Of the group, Julie wrote: “People come and go, take what they need, feel supported, get help with benefits, hear others’ experiences of ‘treatment’, move on or away, etc. And the core group of a dozen or so ‘friends with M.E.’ keep meeting (or stay in touch) to ‘feel normal’.F our of us recently met one afternoon to see Paddington 2… (one fell asleep!). I’m so glad its kept going!”